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An Island in June

FFF spring7

Why hello there! and welcome to Friday’s Favourite Five, a weekly get-together hosted by Suzanne of Living To Tell The Story.

In this meme, we focus on five favourite things from the week. It can be anything from a family celebration, a delicious treat or a beautiful sunset ~ anything that makes you thankful or brings a smile to your face! If you’d like to participate, click on the link and join the party!

Here are just a few of the lovely moments of my week.

1. Kayaking on an “almost summer” day.

And what’s even more lovely about a summer day in June?

It’s all ahead of us!

Days and days of beautiful summer!

on the water_092. Blossoms and blooms

tulips garden

This garden I spied when my dh and I were out for a drive the other evening.

bleeding heartBleeding heart

ChristchurchflowersI love the flowers against the white fence.

3. Kitten love

IndiaBaby blue eyes


4. A little country church a few miles from my home.

Christchurch 2Christchurch, Cherry Valley, PEI ~ such a peaceful spot.  Est.1842.


5. Goals – getting there!

hb in flight3hb in flight2In flight and almost  in focus

*   *   *    *

It’s been a wonderful week


the best is yet to come.

Our girl flies in on Saturday!

My girl singing2We can hardly wait to see her!!

Thanks so much for dropping in for a wee visit.

Don’t forget to sign my guest book ~ pretty please! 🙂

Happy weekend!

with love.


24 thoughts on “An Island in June

  1. I’m beginning to suspect that British Columbia is not actually the prettiest place on earth. . .Your pictures are calendar worthy Kathie. . .and oh . . dear me. . .enjoy your girl home. . .


  2. Oh Kathie! Are those your tulips blooming gorgeously away? And that shot of the waters as you kayaked is fabulous. I love how you make us feel like the water is <i>right there</i>. Happy weekend indeed.


  3. It’s a cold and rainy afternoon where I live and your pictures just warmed my heart today!! And that church beautiful, what a wonderful place to reflect on the beauty of God! Thanks for a cyber summer!Enjoy that special time with your daughter! 🙂


  4. What great pictures! I was going to say my favorite was the garden until I saw the kitten…so the kitten pictures are my favorite and then the garden. 😀 Thanks for sharing! Hope y’all have a great time with your daughter. 🙂


  5. I so love coming to visit here. Always beautiful pictures and heartfelt warmth. I’m very happy your daughter comes home soon. What a long way from home she has been.


  6. kelli says:

    Gorgeous…absolutely gorgeous!!!I know you can’t wait to reunite with Sarah! Praying that reunion will be oh, so sweet:)


  7. Yay for your daughter coming home! She’ll have so much to tell you, and I’m sure she’s looking forward to a little mothering as much as you are looking forward to giving it! These photos were extra beautiful today as if they have absorbed some of your joy!


  8. Joanne says:

    Kathy,Everything you share with us is just so stunning! Thank you for allowing us a continual feast of beauty on your lovely Island which I fell in love with two or was that three years ago!You mentioned a guest book and I would be glad to sign it but am not sure where it is.Am I missing something?Enjoy the return of your daughter, knowing that she will be full of stories to share and brimming with enthusiasm. She will have left a piece of her heart in India for sure! The children are just so precious there and it is such a colourful culture!Take care!love,Joanne in Ontario


  9. Such gorgeous photos! I believe you could make money selling these beautiful pictures! I’d be your customer :)It’s great your girl is coming home. Have a wonderful visit!


  10. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, So nice to have your girl home again! i love that little church in Cherry Valley also -do they still have the gernaniums blooming in the window? Have a great week end. Carolyn


  11. Oh it’s all so beautiful but the goals shot with that red throat captured so well is amazing. Of course the most exciting thing is that your daughter will be back on Saturday!! Yippee. Our son Josh flies down on Saturday for a quick overnight trip. We’re all going to a Soccer game together Saturday night. I’m sure that will hit my fives next week :0)Have a wonderful weekend reunion!!


  12. I have always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island – it’s the Anne of Green Gables in me! What a terrific post and such beautiful pictures. I’m glad to meet you through Friday’s Fave Five – this is my first week. I enjoyed reading through your blog and I’ll be back to visit soon.


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