14 thoughts on “happiness

  1. Jody says:

    Hooray! So happy for all of you.Happy Day!JODY


  2. BlessedwithFour says:

    My Sarah (age 20) lives 12 hours from me at Fort Bragg and her husband just left for a year in Afganastan (Army) so she is all alone. I am going with twins in tow to see her for the Independance Day Celebration and can’t wait. We talk on the phone and via Skype but it is not the same as being there with her. So glad your sweet Sarah is there – luv the cake!!!


  3. Susanne says:

    Home safe and sound! Enjoy your catching up!


  4. Bev K says:

    I’m so happy for all of you – your girl is home safe – a reason to rejoice.


  5. tonia says:

    rejoicing with you!!!i can just imagine how good it feels to see that loved face in your own house….(((k)))thank You, Lord.


  6. Lorna says:

    Yeah!!!! Welcome home Sarah – we’ll see you soon.


  7. randi says:

    Yeah! It is so nice to have our adventurous girls home, isn’t it?Does your daughter have a Facebook page? Danika does and it might be fun for them to hook up!


  8. Tracie says:

    Welcome home to your sweet girl.


  9. ellen b says:

    Happy happy Joy Joy!


  10. Beth P. says:

    Kathie,I know you’re thrilled! Enjoy your time together.


  11. kelli says:

    Beautiful, Kathie! I can hear your joy!!Enjoy this time of catching up! Can’t wait to hear stories:)


  12. Lorna says:

    Yeah!!!! Welcome home Sarah – we’ll see you soon.


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