Why hello there!

The calendar tells me it’s Friday but I wonder where the days have gone . . .

This week flew by!

A warm welcome to

I’m joining in with Suzanne and the gang over at Living To Tell The Story as we recount our favourite moments of the past week.

I have much more than I can possibly list!

It is sooooo good to have my girl home! Stories, long talks, walks, family meals, countless hugs and kisses! We’re making up for a five and half month absence!! I’m  thankful beyond words.

It makes me look ahead to Sept when my sweet son and daughter-in-law will join us from London for my baby boy’s wedding. The whole family together ~ what a blessing!

Without a doubt, top of the favourite list this week is

1. Family times!

What is this finger raised? I have no clue – they’re a silly (but really fun) bunch!

Sweet boys

2. We had our DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) with over 61 children registered.

DVBS_09 (click to enlarge)Bible Stories, memory verses, prayer, songs, crafts, games and snacks. What a fun time! It fills me with so much joy, and thanks, just to see their happy faces so eager to learn of God’s love and care.

3. This was an unexpected and fun favourite this week! Yesterday, my beloved called me on the phone and said, “Come over to the church right away – and bring your camera!”

Look what was waiting!

Raccoon kits!

I just missed them playing in a puddle on the edge of the parking lot. Shoot! It would have been such a good photo op!

But peeking around the edge of a gravestone is pretty cute too 🙂

This little guy was exploring on his own.

But these two were sticking together.

They scolded me if I came too close – with a chittering sound and an occasional hiss.

So I took the close-ups with the zoom.

We kept our eye out for the mama but didn’t see her. The kits scooted off into the woods around the church and I hope they met up with her there.

4. My garden is making me happy with June blooms.

Here is my Bridal Wreath bush.

And a new addition to my perennial garden – a geranium.

5. On Tuesday afternoon, I enjoyed a special treat – a visit with a sweet friend, and fellow blogger, Carolyn of Aitken House and Gardens.

A visit to her blog is a visual treat but an IRL visit is garden heaven! 🙂

Carolyn is so creative and I came away with some great gardening ideas as well as some lovely perennials to add to my flowerbeds! Thanks Carolyn!

A stroll by these beautiful flowerbeds was perfect inspiration for Mosaic Monday!

I loved this little storybook cottage tucked away in a corner of the yard.


Can you imagine sleeping here on a warm summer’s night with the scent of flowers drifting in on the night air?

Carolyn and I finished our walk with afternoon tea and the best rhubarb cake I’ve ever tasted!

Which reminds me Carolyn, I forgot to get that recipe ~ I have a patch of rhubarb just waiting.

Well . . .

Can you hear the sound of rain? It’s pouring cats and dogs this morning!

I know the garden will be happy to soak in all that warm, spring rain.

Tomorrow and Sunday, we’re promised sunshine! Everything will be fresh and glistening. 

June is such a lush green, flourishing time of year on Prince Edward Island.

Thanks so much for coming by!

I hope you enjoyed our time together.

I really appreciate each of you, your  friendly hellos and sweet comments.

Happy weekend!


18 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five

  1. Home Again says:

    A full week. Amazing how many things can fill our time, but they are all so valued.I find that friendships are so special, Thanks for sharing about your friend Carolyn.


  2. Martha says:

    What beautiful pictures! Family, Friends, Flowers and Raccoon Kits…sounds like paradise!♥


  3. Robinznest says:

    What a delightful post! The photos of flowers are just stunning! And the little raccoons – amazing! I can hear in your words how happy your week was!


  4. Barbara H. says:

    Family times are definitely the best! Those raccoon kits are so cute!! Great shots of them1I love, love, love that little cottage in the bottom pictures!


  5. Brenda says:

    Looks like a great week. VBS is one of my very favorite times!


  6. Willow says:

    So much eye candy here this week! I love the photos of the baby racoons (not so much in love with them IRL) and oh my! that garden! I’ve been to her blog and feasted my eyes on all the beauty in her garden.Have a great time with your girlie!


  7. BlessedwithFour says:

    wow what a blog – and what an awesome week you have had. The best pics a always and what a precious family you have. The raccoons are to darling and that little white house (I want one). Thanks for sharing your life on Prince Edward Island with us all!!!


  8. Deb says:

    So glad you’re having fun with the family. I would have loved that garden tour! It’s beautiful around there!


  9. Beth P. says:

    What an amazing garden your friend has. And that little cottage. Oh my – it’s right out of a fairy tale. As usual, your photos speak of beauty and peace and goodness. I know you are enjoying having your daughter home and have such a wonderful event to look forward to!


  10. Linda says:

    What a delightful list! What could be better than gathering the family together. That little cottage is absolutely charming. How wonderful to spend a night there.


  11. The garden pictures are gorgeous. And those raccoon kits? Absolutely adorable!


  12. nikkipolani says:

    Oh.My.Kathie – these are fabulous photos of your terrific week! Those ‘coon photos could be in a calendar of cute critters! And that cottage is utterly charming. I think I’d be afraid to sleep in that pretty bed and mess it all up! Happy weekend to you.


  13. Betty says:

    Meeting other blogger friends is always fun, but getting to see such a garden is just special!! I love that cottage!!And you got some really good shots of those raccoons.Family time is always a blessing. Something I get to enjoy very seldom now a days…. :(Thanks for visiting my blog today!


  14. Susanne says:

    You have a full, wonderful week. I’ll bet it’s just wonderful having your girl back and listening to her stories.Your friends garden is stunning. The little raccoons were so cute. You got some great pics.


  15. Looks like you have had a fun week. I also love when family gets together. There’s nothing to replace it. My whole family is supposed to get together this weekend and I can hardly wait.Your VBS pic is so cute. I remember absolutely loving VBS when I was a child. It’s a little different as an adult—working it instead of playing, but it’s still fun. :-)I’ve never seen raccoon kits. They are adorable! As are the flowers. Wow—what a great list.


  16. ellen b says:

    Oh so sweet to spend time with your girl after a long absence and what fun to look forward to the whole family being together in September for the big event!I have visited Carolyn’s dreamy blog with photos of her amazing piece of property! So lovely. It just takes me away even though I’m not there in person.What great photos of the sweet looking raccoon babes!!Enjoy your sunshine after the rain…


  17. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I really enjoyed our visit too and hope you will come back soon! I will send you the recipe right now. Thank you for your sweet words here, carolyn


  18. Brenda says:

    Looks like a great week. VBS is one of my very favorite times!


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