Sarah and her kitten

Each one of the kittens is sweet

but Bella . . .

 is a little charmer!

she’s quiet

with a sweet expression on her tiny feline face.

Her brothers spend most of their day wrestling and pouncing on one another.

But Bella is content to cuddle.

Sarah took her for a walk the other day, tucked up in the camera case.

Perhaps you’re wondering if Bella enjoyed the ride?

Well . . .

I think she did.

Look what she was doing when Sarah arrived back home.

Did I mention that she was a relaxed kitten?

A very relaxed kitten?

Sleeping beauties



Happy Thursday!


12 thoughts on “Sarah and her kitten

  1. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of kittens as relaxed — endless playing, opportunistic tousling, bouncy, unstoppably curious… but you’ve got yourself one contented kitten there!


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