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An Island drive

Why, hello there!


welcome to FFF, the weekly review of our favourite things,

hosted by Suzanne of Living To Tell the Story.

It’s been an strange week of weather on Prince Edward Island;

unseasonably warm and humid, thunderheads and sudden downpours.

Islanders are accustomed to fresh sea breezes and clear air.

We don’t do well with 100% humidity.

We’re wilting . . .

1. This is the only thing that is pulling me through,

so it’s first on my list of favourites šŸ™‚

And also first stop when we’re heading out for an evening drive!

2. Another stopping place ~ Rails to Trails

These trails pass through woods and fields, villages and towns, and alongside rivers and bays,

and make walking or biking around the island so enjoyable.

This particular trail winds through a marsh.

We were on the lookout for the elusive showy lady slipper ~ no success šŸ˜¦

But we did discover beautiful blue flag irises.

Marshes have an untamed beauty that I love.

as long as I am well armed against little buzzing creatures šŸ™‚

3. Later that evening, I spied this Canada goose.

We stopped to get a closer look


saw mama and two goslings hiding in the long grass.

I noticed the grass rustling


sure enough, they were heading down to the little marshy pond beside the road.

I waited patiently and was rewarded with a perfect photo op.

4. More favourite summer scenes from our Island drives:

~ a fishing boat heading out to sea ~

~ children jumping off the dock ~

~ thunderhead clouds ~

and, as  promised,

5. lupins!

Hope you enjoyed your drive around our Island!

Thanks so much for coming by.

For more FFF fun, join the gang at Suzanne’s.

with love,


24 thoughts on “An Island drive

  1. BevK says:

    I remember the beautiful lupins growing by the side of the road all through the Maritimes when we visited there several years ago. I always think of the East coast when I see the lupins along the fence in my flower bed and the wild lupins alongside the entrance and exit to Hwy 1 a few blocks from our house. I look forward to the time we can head east again and visit your amazing province. It was the only place we didin’t have time to see when we were out there. We had only 1 day and decided it wasn’t enough and that we would have to come back and spend some serious time in PEI. Your pictures make that longing grow in my heart.


  2. I’m still determined to one day do the biking trail around your island,with stops at various bed and breakfast places. Until that happens, I so appreciate you covering what I am missing in the meantime. Those lupin look like high fashion models compared to their little girl cousin the Texas bluebonnet!


  3. You gave me beautiful gifts in this post,… the marsh,.. I love them too. I always think about all the hidden life that goes on there. The dear little goslings,… the sky over the ocean, so awesome (an over-used word, but in this case fitting.) and of course the beautiful lupins. Visiting with you is always a treat! Thank you!


  4. Loved the drive with you. Especially liked seeing children *play* which seems a rare sight these days. And the lupine….oh my! I liked the one with the old house in the background.Jody


  5. Home Again says:

    What a fresh breath of air. Thanks for taking us with you. I need to visit our marsh soon and take my little boys along. Your shots are inspiring. You could join a photo contest.


  6. Your photos are so great! It’s hard to pick my favorite, but I think your first photo of the lupins might be it. Or no, maybe it’s the second one!I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I must come to PEI someday!


  7. Beautiful beyond words! Are the trails newish? I don’t recall ever hearing about them. Of course, we haven’t been there since the mid-1990s so a lot may have changed. :<)


  8. What a beautiful post!We’re suffering from the usual heat and humidity of a Southeastern summer right now. I agree, an iced coffee really hits the spot.Your pictures are just wonderful — thank you for the tour!


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