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many things needing attention

  • flowers,
  • garden,
  • berry fields,
  • not to mention family events – an old Island summer tradition – everyone “comes home” even if PEI was “home” only to their great grandparents.

Summer chores go on, even in the midst of the social whirlwind.

8am this morning found Roger and me in the berry fields

it was a perfect morning for strawberry picking ~ the sun was shining, but not too hot,

and there was a lovely fresh breeze off the bay below the fields.

 We were a little nervous that we might miss the berries while we were off to Nfld

but there were plenty left.

Beautiful ripe berries

 46 pounds in an hour’s picking.

and this afternoon?

Crush, boil and bottle.

Preserving sweet summer in a jar.

Happy days

with love,


6 thoughts on “phew

  1. Wow! So many beautiful things its hard to know what to comment on! But that swimming hole looks so refreshing, I’m sure it would be worth the hike up there.


  2. 46 pounds in an hour…you guys are good! :0)They look beautiful.And fyi…I didn’t buy a thing in that shop. I have a really hard time paying retail prices for goodies.Have fun preserving the strawberry summer!


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