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I have been a bit spotty with posting – life has been very full lately!

But I didn’t want to miss this favourite meme hosted by Suzanne at Living To Tell the Story

Here are some more highlights from our trip to Nfld plus a few home favourites!

Hope you enjoy!

1. Mountains ~ there are no mountains at all on Prince Edward Island, and we couldn’t get enough of these stunning vistas!

Tabletop Mountains near Port Au Basque, Newfoundland.

The view from Kelly’s Mountain, Cape Breton

Gazing at the majestic height and beauty, I could understand why the Psalmist wrote:

I lift up my eyes to the hills- Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
Ps 121:1-2

2. Another favourite? Swimming in the mountain stream above Steady Brook Falls

Steady Brook Falls, Marble Mountain, Nfld.The temperature that day was 29 degrees (88 F),

and climbing up the mountain was hot work!

I was glad for the stairs and an occasional boost from a strong husband and daughter!

After the strenuous climb, the first plunge into this mountain stream was like heaven!

Delightfully cool and refreshing.

Sarah joined me in the pool, while Roger took pictures of us and watched for fish πŸ™‚

It was such a novel experience to swim in a fresh water mountain stream.

I think it was the favourite part of my whole trip.

I was captivated by the play of amber light in the pools, the white water cascading over the rocks, the trees soaring into the sky ~ so stunning!

Not to forget the zipliners whizzing by!

Cousins of my nephew from my sister-in-law’s family.

We had a bird’s eye view from above the falls.


Roger and I both agreed we’d do it the next time we head to Nfld!:)

3. and I couldn’t forget the stars of the whole event ~ the sweet newlyweds!

A wonderful wedding ceremony and a fun reception – especially the dance.

The Newfoundlanders know how to have a good time!

4. Coming home ~ always the best part of a journey.

Our garden kept growing while we were away (surprise :)!

and we enjoyed freshly picked salad greens for supper that night.


5. These next pictures are actually from the first week of July.

I was running out of blogging time before the trip but I still wanted to share this discovery with you.

It was during the rainy spell, but that didn’t deter my friend Rinda and me from

our hunt for the elusive Showy Lady Slipper.

We travelled down slippery, red, Island clay roads ~ the very ones that caused Anne to exclaim:

“I’ve always heard that Prince Edward Island was the prettiest place in the world, and I used to imagine I was living here, but I never really expected I would. It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it? But those red roads are so funny. When we got into the train at Charlottetown and the red roads began to flash past I asked Mrs. Spencer what made them red and she said she didn’t know and for pity’s sake not to ask her any more questions. She said I must have asked her a thousand already. I suppose I had, too, but how you going to find out about things if you don’t ask questions? And what DOES make the roads red?”

“Well now, I dunno,” said Matthew.

This passage always makes me smile. When I was little (to my chagrin) I was nicknamed “Chatty Cathy”  (after the famous doll). So I have always had a secret sympathy for Anne’s talkative nature. I love Matthew’s reaction to chatterbox Anne.

Matthew, much to his own surprise, was enjoying himself. Like most quiet folks he liked talkative people when they were willing to do the talking themselves and did not expect him to keep up his end of it. But he had never expected to enjoy the society of a little girl. Women were bad enough in all conscience, but little girls were worse. He detested the way they had of sidling past him timidly, with sidewise glances, as if they expected him to gobble them up at a mouthful if they ventured to say a word. That was the Avonlea type of well-bred little girl. But this freckled witch was very different, and although he found it rather difficult for his slower intelligence to keep up with her brisk mental processes he thought that he “kind of liked her chatter.” So he said as shyly as usual:

“Oh, you can talk as much as you like. I don’t mind.”

Isn’t that a sweet reaction? (maybe I need a little inner healing from the past – what do you think? πŸ™‚

However, I digress . . .

Rinda and I followed the directions from a friend, who works as an Island natural historian. He knows everything about Island wildlife, plants, flowers, trees and birds.

We only got lost once or twice.

We finally found the right Rails to Trails path.

Stopping for a little refreshment – sweet, wild strawberries.

After walking what seemed like miles,


There they were ~ growing right along the trail

just as our friend had promised.

This species of Lady Slipper grows in boggy, wet areas,

so in order to get a good close-up,

I really got soaked!

(click to enlarge)But it was worth it, don’t you think?



It has been a chock-full week!!

Thanks so much for joining me as I looked over some very happy memories.


A soft rain fell this morning – our garden really needed it – but now the sun is shining!

I have a lovely pile of books from the library and a free afternoon.

Hmmm . . .

Summer + sunshine + books = ??

(you know that equation, don’t you?)

Have a great weekend!

with love,

16 thoughts on “A week to remember

  1. Pamela says:

    What a fabulous post – beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing your wonderful trip!


  2. Susanne says:

    What a beautiful place Nfld. is. And what fun you looked like you were having. You are one brave girl getting in a mountain stream. Was it not cold? The waterfall is amazing. I would love to try that zip line. The view looking over the waterfall must have been incredible!How nice of you to get so wet just to take a picture for us. So glad you girls found that beautiful Ladies Slipper.


  3. Judy says:

    Ah…the sweet memories of our time in Newfoundland and Cape Breton are all coming back. Great pic’s…looks like you had a wonderful time.


  4. Lana G! says:

    Loved it all – ESPECIALLY the lady slipper! What a gorgeous flower!


  5. Willow says:

    OH yes! The soaking long rambling got-lost hike was completely worth seeing and photographing those lady’s slippers! Thanks for sharing them with us!Your Nfld visit was wonderful! And congratulations to the happy couple.


  6. Barbara H. says:

    What GORGEOUS photos!I love that section with Anne and Matthew — all of their sections, actually.Are lady slippers a type of orchid? What a wonderful find!


  7. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, It looks like you did have a very fun filled week. i love the Lady’s Slipper picture and the bride and groom one too.Carolyn


  8. Paula says:

    Yes, definitely worth it for the Showy Lady’s Slipper! To see one would be fantastic, but a whole mass of them…like a dream! I enjoyed the excerpts from Anne of Green Gables also. I read the books again every few years.


  9. Home Again says:

    I will keep this in the back of my mind. I have never been at a wedding that offered so many good times for all.They must have been highly organized….I can tell that you didn’t miss a beat.Enjoy your time.


  10. Nan says:

    What a perfectly wonderful posting. I was enchanted by Newfoundland (newfoundland-understand: I love that way of remembering how to say it). Do you read any bloggers from there?


  11. Kari says:

    Oh wow looks like you had such a wonderful week.I really do love your pictures, they are beautiful.


  12. Sweet Bay says:

    I didn’t know that Newfoundland was so beautiful! I love your quotes from Anne of Green Gables. I must have read that book a hundred times.Those Lady’s Slippers are absolutely gorgeous. What a treat to see. Thanks for sharing!


  13. ellen b says:

    Oh what a fun looking week for you and yours! That hike to that cool pool looks amazing and refreshing. Sweet! The bride and groom look great. Love that dress on her. Looks like the weather was perfect. The muddy wet trip to find the Lady slippers was indeed worth it. You can chat all you want Kathie, I’ll listen :0)


  14. nikkipolani says:

    What a week it’s been for you! Love those beautiful Nfld images — your swim looked quite refreshing after the hard work to get there. How love to come home to things still growing — rather things crisped to smithereens! I’m still marveling over your beautiful strawberries. That Lady Slipper is very dainty.


  15. kelli says:

    NFLD looks spectacular! We may have to visit there, too, on our next trip out your way!!!It’s so different seeing your pictures after experiencing the real thing. I feel like I can see beyond the borders now.We have been very "full" with life, too! I’m hoping to have a chance to post more pictures soon, though!Enjoy your sun and your books this free afternoon!


  16. Paula says:

    Yes, definitely worth it for the Showy Lady’s Slipper! To see one would be fantastic, but a whole mass of them…like a dream! I enjoyed the excerpts from Anne of Green Gables also. I read the books again every few years.


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