Friday Fave Five

Hi there! Glad you dropped in for another round of Friday’s Fave Five – the weekly meme hosted by Suzanne, at Living To Tell The Story.

Our car died unexpectedly this week – so it has been a whirlwind week with car researching and car lot hopping. Not exactly my idea of fun – I’d much rather be on the beach – but one of those necessities especially when you live in a rural area and you have to drive to get anywhere. We’re thankful it didn’t happen while we were in NFLD.

In spite of car woes, I had lots of things to make me smile this week.

1. I got a lovely beach day in before the car went kaput.

A blue-green beach umbrella against a blue blue sky – guaranteed to make me smile.

If you have read my blog for even a short time, you know how I feel about beaches and the sea.

I’m smitten.

2. This sweet cat – his relaxed approach to life makes me grin every time.

I’m thinking of the song ~ “Summertime  and the living is easy . . .

Jack is the epitome of that, don’t you think?

In fact, he was so relaxed in this picture, that he actually rolled right off the deck. It surprised me (and him!) so I didn’t capture it on film. But if he obliges again, I’ll try to be ready and get a picture for you πŸ™‚

3.  A flourishing garden ~ new potatoes, carrots, beets and salad greens on our supper table. Mmm mm!

4. Blossoming sugar snap peas – it won’t be too long before we are eating these delicious veggies. So good fresh off the vine – sweet and crunchy!

5. Early morning rambles ~ around the yard every morning, accompanied by Sophie and the cats. We inspect the garden, check the progress of the plants, discover new blossoms and take pictures of the morning light slanting across the lawn.

There is a little family of robins nesting nearby ~ their song is my morning wake-up call. It’s so cheery!

 If you’re up just after the sun rises, you can find tiny dew patches formed on the grass.

When we were children, we called these little dew spots, fairy blankets.

Did you?


Well . . . hope you enjoyed our time together. Thanks so much for coming by!

I just had a telephone call from the car sleuth – very excited – he’s bringing home a car for a test drive.


Happy weekend!

with love,



 PS For more Friday Favourite fun, just pop over to Suzanne’s.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five

  1. Home Again says:

    Yes, by now I think we share the same love for the ocean….What else can one say.Isn’t it fun gathering the goods from our vegetable gardens?


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of dew quite like that. No wonder you called it fairy blankets.I need your cat’s relaxed approach! :v)Sorry to hear about the demise of your car.


  3. That first photo of the beach umbrella epitomizes summertime to me. Such gorgeous colors too. I like this entire series of photos; each one is special.


  4. Lorna says:

    Your garden looks wonderful. We have things growing, but not ready to harvest yet. I get impatient :>). Have a wonderfull weekend and enjoy your new car. Love


  5. So many lovely things to look at, Kathie! I WANT TO KISS THAT JACK! Sorry. Had to get that out. What a great shot of him pre-fall. And your fairy blankets are so sweet. I can’t believe how rich your soil looks. Mine would only look like that if I’d just dumped several yards of loam purchased from a garden store… Enjoy your summer beauties!


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