11 thoughts on “evening stillness

  1. NCSue says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures.Beautiful, beautiful creation.Beautiful, beautiful God.Thank you.


  2. Sweet Bay says:

    You live in such a beautiful place. Wonderful images!


  3. Linda says:

    So beautiful Kathie. I have got to visit your Island someday.


  4. Home Again says:

    I’m totally awed and inspired!


  5. Faith says:

    beautiful pictures to go with beautiful Scripture!


  6. DonnaTN says:

    Your photos are so lovely and peaceful. The are a soothing balm with a calming effect.


  7. Judy says:

    Beautiful photos…and scripture…and song! And it looks cool and peaceful…and I like that right now.


  8. Sara says:

    One of my favorite Psalm fragments! Your photos are a blessing of peace and glory!


  9. lovella says:

    What a perfect verse for your pictures. . .so lovely.


  10. Lorna says:

    Wow – so beautiful, Kathie. Have a great day – hot and very humid here :>). Love –


  11. Beth P. says:

    Gorgeous photos, Kathie. And a very good reminder…Love,Beth


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