High wispy clouds

30 degrees C ~ 86 degrees F

Not as hot as here or here!

But hot for Islanders.

Where am I to be found? (if not riding in our new to us AC car? thank You Lord!)

Picture a wide, shallow bay on the south side of the Island

These shores are one of the Island’s little secrets.

The tourists flock to the North side – Anne land – famous sand dune beaches –  lovely waves but cold!

Here on the south side, it’s quiet. No tourists flocking. No crowds.

The tides go out forever. The rocks and sand bake in the hot sun.

The tide creeps in slowly over the hot rocks and sand.

And this is what happens.

Want a closer look?

Like a bath!

I’ll confess, that particular water temperature was in the shallows.

Out where we floated, and swam, and chatted, and soaked, it was a cooler 82 degrees F 🙂

A fly bite or two reminded me that I’m not in heaven yet . . .

Happy days!

with love,


12 thoughts on “happy

  1. Jody says:

    I could swim in that! Jody


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    Hi Niki – jellyfish come and go. Some summers are worse than others. There wasn’t one yesterday when we were at this beach.


  3. Niki says:

    Absolutely lovely! When we were in PEI several years ago we visited the North shore. Sadly the jellyfish were so bad swimming was almost impossible. What is the story with the jellyfish? Are they always there in abundance? Do they come and go?


  4. Sounds wonderful….wish I was there. 🙂 And not on the touristy side. 🙂


  5. Susanne says:

    That’s my kind of ocean water!


  6. Linda says:

    Kathie, that brings back memories of my childhood vacations spent on Fishers Island visiting my Aunts. There were several beaches, but the gentle, warm one was Mary’s beach. We used to dig for clams in the quiet waters and play on the beach – and of course swim. Thank you for sharing your special spot.


  7. kelli says:

    so, so, so inviting!!!


  8. ellen b says:

    Now that is my kind of water temp!! So you all are pretty warm too. Congrats on that new car with A/C…


  9. Sweet Bay says:

    Sounds lovely!


  10. I’m tempted to dip my toes into that water 🙂


  11. Sara says:

    Wow, that is some lovely warm water! The Pacific on our shores is never that warm, though the land is often much warmer. Today, however, we are in the high 70’s, low 80’s on the coast and it’s very nice after our recent heatwave!


  12. islander says:

    I am an Islander and I must confess I love the North Shore beaches. I was there yesterday and the water was cool not cold and there were no jellyfish. It was absolutely gorgeous!!!


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