Hi everyone!

Today is the 49th Friday Fave Five ~ Suzanne tells me that we are going to celebrate when we hit #52 – a whole year of FFF.

So . . . if you’ve never joined this fun-loving crew, now’s the perfect time. You wouldn’t want to miss the party would you?

I hope you don’t mind me going on about summer, sunshine and beaches.

If you do, you might as well click away right now.

I’m a Canadian – I put in a long, cold (although not lonely) winter. I enjoy the sparkling light on snow and cold rosy cheeks,

but summer  ~ ah, summer ~ I savour summer.

I milk every last drop of summer.

I don’t even consider fall until the first leaf turns red.

1. So don’t be surprised that my first fave is a beach picture – however it is a little different from most of the beach pictures you’ve seen here.. I went up to the tourist area of the Island – Brackley beach on the north shore.

As you can tell – a little more crowded than our quiet south shores.

2. Children by the sea – I spent my childhood summers at the beach and I made sure my children did the same.I loved to play with them in the waves, build sandcastles, gather shells, explore the rocks and tidepools.

I still love to watch  children play at the seashore.

There is always something to do.

Am I getting ready for grandchildren or what?? 🙂

3. This little seal caused quite a commotion that afternoon especially for the children. He swam in about 15 ft off shore.

4. Around home, my flowers are a daily source of joy.

I added these lilies to my perennial bed this spring.

White Annabelle hydrangea

(finally! a clear picture – don’t you find white flowers hard to photograph?)

and the Blue hydrangea I planted last spring – I’m not sure of the variety but it is so pretty.

5. My final favourite for today is an anticipated one. It’s a gorgeous sunny day and I’m going to the beach with friends. (surprise!) We’re heading to Basinhead, one of my very favourite beaches on the eastern tip of the Island. 

I was just told there are surf conditions – hooray! Waves to play in.

I’m off!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back with pictures.

Thanks so much for dropping in. I’ll be by tomorrow to visit your Friday faves.

with love,


15 thoughts on “Friday again

  1. lovella says:

    this morning feels like not summer anymore. . .it is sunny through the fog and the berry fields are looks tired. . .but it is still summer and I am like you .. .I’m going to soak up every last day of it. Gorgeous pictures.


  2. Willow says:

    The beach! The beach! I love the beach! Keep those beach photos coming!The hydrangeas are lovely. The blue ones are my favorites, but the white ones come in at a close second.Have a great weekend!


  3. Niki says:

    wonderful summertime pics! Blue hydrangea are my favourite!


  4. Judy says:

    The best of summer…beaches and flowers! Great pic’s.


  5. Brenda says:

    I love the beach too. Whether its hots or cold, the beach is a great place to be!


  6. angela says:

    We have had a great day at the beach too, today. I love to hear the joyful laughter of the children as they play, and the sound of the waves breaking gently onto the shingle. You had some lovely photos


  7. Jerri says:

    Love the beach photos! I didn’t get to go to the beach this year, but will be going to Florida next year. I can’t wait! My fave time to go to the beach is about 6 p.m to sunset. I love your flower photos too!


  8. Jill says:

    It makes me happy to think of you as a child playing on the East Coast Canadian Island shoreline during the same years I was playing as a child on the West Coast Southern American shoreline. Of coure I never had "winter" to balance the beach times. I’m trying to catch up on that now here in Utah. Someday I hope I can splash around and build sand castles at "your" beach, and you can visit my hometown beach as well. Wouldn’t that be a great cultural exchange program for middle aged women? I think we’d discover "beach" IS its very own culture wherever it is found.


  9. Barbara H. says:

    I so miss living near the beach!! Great fun. The flowers are gorgeous.


  10. Susanne says:

    Keep the beach pictures coming! I love them as I live vicariously through your pictures. As you know I’m a land locked girl, I’ve only been to an actual ocean beach once in my whole life.


  11. Home Again says:

    Have a wonderful day at the beach and I love the song, "Here comes the sun"Please take me along! I would love to go on a sea venture…It calls my name daily.


  12. nikkipolani says:

    Though we’re not short on beaches here in Southern California, the drive there and parking and details usually deter me from going very often. But I’m enjoying all of your beach photos — those of the children are especially sweet. Enjoy your time at Basinhead!


  13. ellen b says:

    I never get tired of your beach summer shots Kathie. I love how you captured the feet off the sand in the shot of the little boy. I don’t even have to say it but…enjoy your day at the beach!!


  14. Niki says:

    wonderful summertime pics! Blue hydrangea are my favourite!


  15. Judy says:

    The best of summer…beaches and flowers! Great pic’s.


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