to have eyes

God is everywhere around us and in us if we only open our eyes.
All the world is beautiful if we have eyes to see the beauty,
for the world is packed with God.  Frank Laubach

Yesterday we were at the North shore with R’s parents. The evening sun was shining gold on the water. We stood on the lookout rocks at the first entrance to Cavendish park. The heat of the day still lingered, the air thick and hazy.

Far down the beach, I could see people in the water despite the late hour. In the distance they looked like tiny dark silhouettes in the golden rays of the evening sun.

An ordinary sea to them, but from my perspective they were swimming in a sea of gold.

Perhaps that’s the real truth.

Life appears ordinary to us. But we are surrounded by another reality – the golden glory of God shimmering all around us.

If only our eyes were open – if only we had a true perspective.

Lord open my eyes to see a world packed with You today.



13 thoughts on “to have eyes

  1. You’ve echoed a common prayer of mine! Yes, the glory of God’s creation, that golden shimmering water, for example, does bring this cry out of our souls. The Frank Laubach quote reminds me of an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem I saw quoted in Thelma Hall’s "Too Close for Words" book…Earth’s crammed with heaven,And every common bush afire with God;And only he who see takes off his shoes;The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.And speaking of Frank Laubach, he’s someone I’ve not yet read but keep seeing his name here and there…any recommendations?


  2. Home Again says:

    That’s too interesting, as I was looking at those pictures, that’s exactly what I thought….The glimmering hope of God in those beautiful gold colors. If man can not recognize it, I sure hope people can see the radiance on our hearts and faces.


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