(not so) Wild Bill Hurricane

The evening before ~ oppressively hot and still ~ not a breath of air, even at the shore.

The calm before the storm

Yesterday ~ wet and windy.

Covehead LIghthouse (click to enlarge)23 mm of rain ~ our garden was thankful ~ the soil was parched.

Winds 75 k an hour. Not as high as they predicted, but still created impressive surf for PEI.

Waves crashing over Covehead bridge.

Sarah ~ leaning back into the wind. Notice the hat in her hand? It flew off my head!

I think I’ll go wave hunting again today. They usually last for a day or two after a storm.

There’s something in me that loves the wildness 🙂

It’s exhilarating!

I’ll be back ~ with pictures.

with love,


15 thoughts on “(not so) Wild Bill Hurricane

  1. your comment about loving the wildness,… so do I. Especially if there is someone at the house with me. i am not so fond of it if I’m alone. Especially if the power goes off in mid-winter! Your sunset pics are beautiful.


  2. Beautiful skies and sea…and clouds too. The red-trimmed corners on that little lighthouse make it look like it was painted into the photo! I clicked for a better look.


  3. BlessedwithFour says:

    Glad the storm was mild instead of wild Kathie – we sure do get some wild ones down here in Panama City FL since we are right on the Gulf Coast but so far so good this year, God is Awesome with his Love! :o)


  4. WOW! i LOVE your pictures….kinda glad the hurricane didn’t happen while we were in Acadia tho! :)and yes, someday we DO plan on getting to PEI….probably AFTER the girls are outta college (and they haven’t even begun yet!! lol)blessings to you….


  5. Kathie. ..I thought about you all day yesterday .. .kept looking east wondering how Kathie was doing in the hurricane. I’m glad you had fun . .that is my kind of weather.


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