Hello to all my Friday Fave friends!

R and I have been enjoying a long and lovely holiday-at-home on the Island.

I agree with my mom who always said,

“Why would anyone ever leave the Island in the summertime?”

I can’t think of a reason.

So for Friday Fave Five, come and join me for some Island holiday moments.

1. Better grab your beach towel – of course!

We live on an island and are surrounded by the beautiful, clear, warm waters of Northumberland Strait

and the not as warm, but still splendid, Gulf of St Lawrence.

We have so many beach choices.

Like adventure? Let’s go bridge jumping at Basinhead.

or maybe you’d like to snorkle along the red rocky coastline?

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a long quiet walk along a white sandy shoreline.

2. If you’re not in the beach mood,

(is that possible?)

we can go for a drive along an old country lane.

The Klondike Road is a few minutes from our house.

Can’t you just imagine Anne and Matthew driving along in their buggy?

Let’s not forget to come back when the leaves start to turn.

3. Oh look, the boats are in down at the wharf.

Let’s pick up some fresh lobster for supper. A favourite summertime meal!

4. We can’t forget dessert.

A modest claim šŸ™‚ but Reader’s Digest made it, not us.

mmm . . .

5. Afterwards, we can listen to a free concert on the Charlottetown waterfront,

stroll along the boardwalk,

surrounded by the scent of  roses.

*happy sigh*

A perfect evening.

* * *

It would take more than the Friday five to share all the lovely moments.

So I’ll save them for another day.

I hope you are finding time to enjoy many summer blessings.

Thanks for joining me for a little of our holiday-at-home.

For more Friday Five Faves, join Suzanne and the favers at Living To Tell The Story

with love,


27 thoughts on “holiday-at-home

  1. Wow, you’ve gotten a lot of comments! I can see why, too, because I feel like I’ve just had a visit to your island. Such lovely pictures and cheerful commentary. Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  2. Home Again says:

    The OCEAN at it’s best and you sure know how to capture those shots….Absolutely beautiful!I remember eating at that particular Ice-Cream place back about 5 years. Too bad we did not know of each other. We could of met there.


  3. I feel like I’ve been on a mini-vacation. What a beautiful place to live all year round. All the pictures are absolutely lovely but the bee in flight is amazing!


  4. I was able to see your photos earlier but my computer is on the fritz and wouldn’t let me type anything at all. So frustrating! I love each and every photograph. You’ve really captured summer beautifully!


  5. Kathie ~ Well, I have to say that both reading your blog for quite some time now and getting input from folks who’ve been to your neck of the woods, PEI is ranking pretty high on the short list of where we’ll consider for our 30th anniversary next year. I love all the scenery even though I’m not a swimmer! Thank you for another wonderful Friday post.


  6. kelli says:

    my girls got so excited when they saw Cows!!!!what a lovely time you’ve been having! i love how you enjoy where you are, kathie:)


  7. BlessedwithFour says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next year and we are planning a cruise to New England, Canada, and your little island and I CANT WAIT. Your pictures make me impatient to actually see for myself the beautiful place you enjoy each day, thanks for sharing with us – as alwaysjeaneen i.e. BlessedwithFour


  8. Oh, that country lane just begs for a horse and rider to head down it. It looks so inviting. And speaking of inviting, gosh, that ice cream could do serious damage to my diet. I well remember enjoying that ice cream on our last visit to the Maritime Provinces. Yummy!


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