A change is in the air.

The afternoon sun is warm and mellow, but the days’ edges are cooler.

Bathing suits and beach chairs  still linger around

but cozy sweaters are welcome in the early morning and evening.

The big decision – when shall we light a fire in the stove?

Hello September.

Rich, ripe and golden.

I’m glad you’re here.

with love,


7 thoughts on “September

  1. Susanne says:

    It was hot here today. Around 31*C with not even a breeze. I think our Indian Summer is started.


  2. Sue says:

    Your blog always makes me sigh! So beautiful — I can’t wait for autumn to come, but have another month or more to wait.


  3. Home Again says:

    We used to say that we could not light fires till Thanksgiving, but isn’t it nice that we don’t need to live by such rules?


  4. lovella says:

    We’ve had fog here the last few mornings. . and though I make it out to be worthy of complaining. . .I find the fragrance of fog .. .so wonderful .. and I reminice about walking to the bus.Love your photos.


  5. Sweet Bay says:

    You always take such beautiful pictures of your island home.


  6. We just call them round bales Ellen – as opposed to the smaller square bales. I think they’re straw – not hay. Straw is a richer golden colour than hay.


  7. ellen b says:

    Beautiful rolls of hay. Is there a proper name for them? I’m going back to Washington in late September to get a good dose of the beginning of autumn :0)


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