It’s been a year of counting Friday favourites, blessings, simple pleasures and highlights of our weeks. Thanks to Suzanne for hosting my favourite weekly meme  (and the only one I actually do :). In honour of this special occasion, Suzanne has a giveaway – a basket of her favourite goodies! So today is the day to join the fun. Just list your favourite moments from the week, pop over to Living To Tell The Story and add your name.

1. We’re in pre-wedding mode around our place. Our son James, and his lovely bride to be, Nora, will be married a week from tomorrow! Exciting times!

Nora, my almost daughter in law, and Sarah at one of Nora’s bridal showers. James and Nora really have been showered with so many lovely gifts along with lots of love and best wishes. They are well set up to start house-keeping. (My friends and I have often wondered if we don’t need a shower or two especially after 32 years – my house-keeping items are getting a bit tattered 🙂

2. Even in the midst of wedding flurry, I’m finding time to enjoy the last of summer’s gifts ~ especially beach days.

I love this beach road – it runs right along the shoreline.

I don’t think this seagull was out of sorts – it was just the breeze that caused ruffled feathers 🙂

3. Can you guess what this is?

The view from my hammock

I don’t know if there is anything more relaxing than rocking gently in a hammock on a sunny afternoon, reading a book of course.  Kitchen Wisdom  inspired by the movie that I hope to see this week.

4. This week I’ve noticed a few signs of autumn knocking on the door ~ especially in the early morning.

Misty morning sunrise – don’t the old gravestones look a bit like chess pieces?

A spider’s lacy web in the early light.

Good morning Mrs. Ladybug ~ or is it Mr. Ladybug? Somehow that just doesn’t sound right . . .

5. Campfires under the stars

My  beloved, very cheerfully, gathered some beach stones and helped built a backyard fire pit. It is so lovely to just sit out there, under the stars, listening to the fire crackle, chat and or maybe even sing.

Well, here I am ~ at the end of this week’s five favourites.

I haven’t even mentioned the woodpile. But that’s worthy of a solo post.

And here’s just a hint of exciting events coming up. Oldest boy and sweet wife arrive home this week. We’ll have a chance to show my DIL the Island in the summertime. What fun!

And very exciting news for Sarah. She won the lead role in a short film set on PEI. 

Phew – weddings, home-comings, movie stars 🙂

I can hardly keep up with it!

Thanks for dropping in this week


congratulations Suzanne on a year of wonderful Friday Favourites!

with love,


28 thoughts on “Celebrate a year of favourites!

  1. jill says:

    PS: Re: tattered kitchen linens.It is time for you to start giving your old married friends "booster showers" because new brides of long ago years need celebrating too. For a friend’s anniversary, give a "booster shower" with gifts of new kitchen linens and other typical bridal shower items. I’d say a booster shower is appropriate once every ten years, at least. And remember to play "old wives household and marriage hints" game too. Stuff like "no one ever died because a bed didn’t get made" and "if your brain is fading, just call everyone in the family "sweetie" or "dear".


  2. jill says:

    You are in the middle of a shower…of blessings! Enjoy every drop, and thank you for sharing pictures of your lovely location.


  3. mary smith says:

    Congratulations to your son!! How exciting! Gorgeous photos. Yes, I feel fall in the air too!


  4. Jody says:

    Congratulations on gaining another *daughter*. What joy! Wishing you a beautiful week with loved ones and friends gathered. The gravestones picture is especially interesting and yes, they do look like chess pieces. Jody


  5. Jill says:

    Loving your Friday Faves, Kathie. And the beautiful pictures that go along.We enjoyed an evening campfire last night, too.I hope you have a lovely wedding!XO


  6. Tracie says:

    Yay, a wedding! And family! And exciting opportunities for your children! Isn’t life lovely? You have some absolutely amazing shots, like the ladybug and the spider web.


  7. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, Lots of excitement at your house this week. We have had great weather for reading in your hammock or floating at the beach.Blessings for you and your family this week with the wedding and all the fun and activities.Take care,Carolyn


  8. Nan says:

    Blessings upon blessings, wonders upon wonders. I’m so happy for you and your whole family. And the pictures are beautiful.


  9. Kim says:

    I’m so happy that you came by and left a comment on my blog recently so that I could come and discover yours.It is beautiful here. It sounds like you have had a wonderful week. How exciting to have a wedding in the family. Your beach looks so inviting as does the view from your hammock. I hope you enjoy the movie. I saw it a couple weeks ago and loved it.


  10. Willow says:

    Congratulations to your son and his bride! What a wonderful time of life. Isn’t life good? Our daughter and son in law were married in an outdoor ceremony in September (on Flower’s farm!). You know how I love the beach and your photos are wonderful! Let us know more about the movie…Have a great weekend! And a fun time with your visiting son and dil.


  11. Linda says:

    What a rich full week Kathie. I think having a shower after all the years we’ve been married is a great idea! The pictures are wonderful. I think you could publish a book of PEI pictures. I know I’d love one!Enjoy all the special upcoming events.


  12. Brenda says:

    I love the view from your hammock! I would have a hammock if I could have a view like that :)Here’s wishing you a happy wedding weekend. Congratulations.


  13. Judy says:

    What great photos…I love the spider web…and the lady bug! Enjoy all the wedding celebrations…and I’ll be back to read all about it…right here.


  14. Sweet Bay says:

    Wonderful post. I always enjoy both your writing and your pictures.


  15. Jientje says:

    Wow. What a lovely post, and such lovely pictures to go with it!! I SO want to see that movier too, but it’s not due here until October 20th and I’m leaving for a trip to the SQtates on the 28th! So I’m afraid I might not get to see it until I get back! Aah well… I love your blog. I subscribed!


  16. Susanne says:

    A wedding! How exciting! Many blessings to the happy couple!I love that road by the ocean. It just beckons. I’m wishing I could partake of your view from the hammock. You’ll love the movie!


  17. Jerri says:

    I always say that I love landscape photos of roads and of water. Your beach road photo includes both and I love the color of the sky in it! I also love the picture of the grave yard. You are such a talented photographer.Lying in a hammock reading would be my idea of heavenly pursuits!Congrats to your kids on their upcoming wedding.


  18. jodi lenz says:

    Hi Kathie,I enjoyed visiting your blog; I found it via Bread and Roses. Your photographs are beautiful. I read your About Me, and thought your honesty was touching, not boring. I want to check out the book you mentioned, ‘Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom’. I loved the movie Julie and Julia, but was very disappointed with the book Julie and Julia; the language was a bit much and had a different spirit than what the movie conveyed. I couldn’t even finish the novel because of the potty-language, and I’m not one to take offence easily; but it really was a let down. I noticed on your ‘Live Traffic Feed’ it says I’m visiting from Folcroft–not true, but I am from a small town in PA.


  19. Have a wonderful wedding time.And if you have a minute, do give us a review of the Julia Childs film!


  20. ellen b says:

    Oh what an exciting time for you and yours on the Island! How fun for Sarah! I love every one of your photos. That graveyard is very cool. The kind I like to roam through. So after this wedding is Sarah the last single one at your house or do you have another? I love the shot from the hammock …


  21. nikkipolani says:

    Kathie, these photos are exceptionally fantastic. They make me feel like I’m on vacation right along with you — that view from the shoreline, a fun book in my hands, funny birds to look at, beauty all around. It’ll be a crazy week for you all, I’m sure, but I hope you will enjoy it all.


  22. Deb says:

    Congratulations on another wedding! I, too, always enjoy your Friday posts.


  23. Hazel says:

    What a fabulous FFF! And I sooo enjoyed the photos. Upcoming weddings always give excitement and keep everyone happily busy, don’t they? I’m jealous of your hamock reading 🙂 Happy Friday!


  24. Home Again says:

    Your summary looks so fantastic…It always makes me want to come and join you…maybe that’s why I keep coming back.I loved your tree shot from your Hammock, a bit like mine at Manning Park. So beautiful…words can’t describe.Blessings as you get ready to celebrate your wedding. Should be so much fun.


  25. lovella says:

    Kathie I have so enjoyed your fave five this year. . .you do it so well. You are having a wedding? Oh goodness. . you must be so excited. . .and we get to see lots of pictures. .right? I am so delighted you have your kids coming home and you can enjoy the island together .. and did you say . .movie star? Oh. .I am so excited for you .. .draw the posts out. . make them last. .and give us lots of details. . .including a pictures of the beautiful mom of the groom. . .


  26. melli says:

    WOW! You have had (and have to come) a week of weeks! I love when there is MUCH family stuff going on! And you are really in the midst of it right now… how blessed you are! I am definitely going to have to get a hammock! (and then exercise so I can get OUT of it! LOL! … or maybe getting out IS the exercise…) Thanks for sharing your fabulous week!


  27. Niki says:

    Praying your family wedding will be beautiful!! Just popping round to tell you you’re in my drawblessingsNiki


  28. Linda says:

    What a rich full week Kathie. I think having a shower after all the years we’ve been married is a great idea! The pictures are wonderful. I think you could publish a book of PEI pictures. I know I’d love one!Enjoy all the special upcoming events.


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