why hello!

It’s been a two week whirlwind of glory days.

 Oldest son and wife home from the UK,

Peggy’s Cove, Nova ScotiaShowers, rehearsal dinner

the wedding

daughter’s 19th birthday ~ Princess theme 🙂

extended family get-togethers, meals, late-night games,

tons of laughter, fun

long talks, walks,

drives, beach rambles

Let’s not forget the film-star daughter


a lovely (but much too short) visit with dear friends from the other Belfast.

Two weeks of shining moments

My body is tired


my heart is full.

with love,


11 thoughts on “why hello!

  1. Home Again says:

    What a wonderful post! I love your new decor….It’s so rewarding isn’t it? I mean family and friends. We are so blest!When I see your photos, it helps me to keep looking at the wonderful things that God has done for me.


  2. What fun! The pic of the "boys" playing the game made me nostalgic for my guys. Love the bearded one – reminds me of my youngest. Love the pic of the cow watching the fun on the trampoline. It looks like he’s contemplating a go at it when no one is looking. That’s so cool about your daughter getting the lead in the film! Wow! Thanks for sharing a lot of good old fashioned happiness!


  3. Your new template and header picture are just gorgeous for fall. Your pictures are all so beautiful .. .love your film girl ..and the wedding the the long walk and the beach. . oh .. all of them actually.


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