Well, hello there

and welcome back to

The celebrations have died down

and things are much quieter here on the homefront.

Life is settling back into the simple and lovely rhythms of day to day life.

Here are a few of the gifts I’ve enjoyed this past week.

1. Autumn’s blooms


Sedum ~ Autumn Joy

2. The garden’s bounty

sweet cherry tomatoes

purple peppers

3. Bright autumn colours ~ and it’s only just begun!

Burning bush

Peter’s sunflowerOur friend Peter planted this field of sunflowers

just so people could enjoy their beauty as they drive by his farm.

And we are! Thanks Peter!

4. A golden evening ~ shadows slanting in long, lovely lines.

5.Our newest batch of barn kittens.

Lily is a prolific marvelous mother ~ she surprised us with this litter.

They are pretty cute aren’t they?

Big brother Rollie Pollie loves them too. But that’s a post for another day!

I’ve reached the end of my Friday Favourite list

and I haven’t even mentioned the latest book I’m enjoying this week, or practicing my harp, or visiting friends, or fall campfires, or early morning misty walks . . .

Next week ~ ok?

Thanks so much for coming by.

It’s a sweet gift to see your name and read your comments. I appreciate every one!

For more Friday Fun, join Suzanne and the gang at Living To Tell The Story.

with love,


PS – great new fall button Suzanne – thanks!

19 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five

  1. Josie Ray says:

    What beautiful photos. I love the kittens! And people who plant flowers or create any beauty simply for the pleasure of the random passerby make my world. If I could find all those treasure people one-by-one by hunting for them and surround myself only with them, I would have come home. Your Friday faves and the Holy Experience posts have been making me think seriously about gratitude.Josie Rayhttp://appalachiandream.blogspot.com/


  2. Barbara H. says:

    I’m belatedly visiting for the Friday’s Fave Five.These are just gorgeous photos, all of them! Love that row of sunflowers — how thoughtful the owner was to plant them for those who pass by. Love the shadows of the trees, and those kittens are just so adorable. Looks like you had a wonderful week!


  3. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I always enjoy your Friday posts. Love your blue hydrangea’s and those kitten’s are adorable. Your blog is all dressed for fall too and I love the bigger photos you have posted – I haven’t figured out how to do that yet!Have a good weekend,Carolyn


  4. kari says:

    Your photo’s are gorgeous. So very pretty.You must live in a beautiful place. I have a dear friend from Prince Edward Island and she’s shared photo’s from the island. It is very very pretty.thanks for visiting my blog.


  5. Jientje says:

    What a great post. You seem to be the kind of person who, like me, enjoys the little things in life, eh? And I’m not talking about the kittens, they are absolutely ADORABLE!!! I can read this through the lines of this lovely blog, the garden, the green tomatoes, a shadow… I truly enjoyed this Kathie!


  6. Elizabeth says:

    LOVE the kitten pictures, but then I’m always a kitten fan. 🙂 But what really caught my eye was the Hydrangea photo. The picture is so great I can almost smell the frangrance.Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  7. Hazel says:

    Gorgeous photos! The kittens are really cute in the basket. Peter sounds like a good-hearted farmer planting those sunflowers so people could enjoy them. I looked at it from a computer screen and I enjoyed them too. Thanks a lot for sharing your photos. Very lovely faves.


  8. Brenda says:

    Great pictures! I especially like the kittens, they look so snuggly 🙂


  9. Sweet Bay says:

    Those kittens are adorable, and the sunflowers amazing! Wonderful capture of the late afternoon light — that’s my favorite time of day, when everything is golden.


  10. Jewel says:

    Beautiful pictures!! My favorite is the shadows of the trees. Reminds me of an early SUMMER evening.


  11. faith says:

    absolutely gorgeous pics, as always……!thanks for visiting my blog today……i LOVE the sunflowers you show here….God’s blessings to you this weekend!!Faith


  12. nikkipolani says:

    Oh, Kathie. What a lovely lovely post! So much beauty to behold. But you will not tempt me to get another kitten. Absolutely not. No way. So let’s talk about all that glorious colour in your garden, okay? (no more kitties) I love that blue hydrangea. Our soil is much too alkaline and the blues just don’t come through. The most I can hope for is lavenderish shades. (no. kitties.)


  13. I’ve always loved the colors of autumn throughout the year. Have you ever read the poem about "October’s Bright Blue Weather?" I remember a farmer coming into the library one October day years ago and asking me to help him find a copy of that poem. It could have been written about a day like one of those in your photographs.


  14. Susanne says:

    Your produce looks mouth watering. My daughter would love it if we had a "prolific mother" kitty! :v)


  15. I love all the beautiful colors you showed us! Isn’t it amazing how many different colors are all around us in nature? Thanks for sharing them.


  16. ellen b says:

    So lovely Kathie! We could have used some barn cats in our attic come to find out :0)Love all your beautiful photos. How fun to drive past those sunflowers…


  17. Carrie, RtK says:

    My son would just love your newest batch of kittens. They are very adorable.And let’s hear it for fall bounty! I love tomato season. Have a great weekend!


  18. Melissa says:

    Your photographs are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them, and for telling us about your week. Sounds beautiful!


  19. Sweet Bay says:

    Those kittens are adorable, and the sunflowers amazing! Wonderful capture of the late afternoon light — that’s my favorite time of day, when everything is golden.


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