of blustery weather and bright spots

Hello and welcome to

It’s been a wet, wild and windy week ~ but whenever there is a gleam of light, I’m out with my camera.

So my first favourite this week?

1. A break in the clouds

2. Next? Bright, flickering flames in the woodstove.

A cozy fire in the evening, a hot cup of tea and my next  favourite . . .

3. Bright red apples

baked in a sweet Apple Crisp

Add a scoop of French Vanilla ice-cream ~ the ultimate fall flavour.

My mom’s recipe here. It’s a little different than the usual apple crisp – no oatmeal.

4. A miniature rosebush to brighten up the cloudy days ~ purchased for $1.49.

What makes that purchase even better? I saw the very same plant at another store for $4.99 🙂

5. Last Saturday’s harvest moon rising over Cavendish Beach.

Moon-bright waves – a magical moment.


Well . . .

Here’s hoping for some sun before the blustery weather sends all our autumn leaves scurrying off the trees.

Thanks so much for dropping in and saying hi.

A special wish for a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

with love,


For more favourites, don’t forget to visit Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story.


23 thoughts on “of blustery weather and bright spots

  1. Kathie,I love every single picture you share here. I’m about to make myself some coffee and I’d love to dig into that apple crisp right now! MMMmmm! And the Moonlit Sea is amazing!Jody


  2. Lovely photos. Especially the one of the harvest moon at the beach. The moon is so difficult to capture without special equipment. It looks so huge and orange and beautiful low on the horizon…you snap away. Then at home, there’s this little glowing dot in a dark landscape photo. You’re like, "No. No, that’s not what I saw at all." Elusive! But you captured it well, along with the gleaming water.Josie Rayhttp://appalachiandream.blogspot.com/


  3. Your photos of these five faves are special. So gorgeous. I love those apples, and the moon-washed waves particularly.And, if I didn’t already say so, your new fall blog decor is wonderful. Very autumnal.


  4. The apple crisp looks scrumptious! So does the cooler weather. It is hot even for Florida right now, we are setting records. Goody. It was 95 two days ago and 94 yesterday, so I guess we are getting cooler…


  5. I’ve been away far too long from your lovely blog! My crazy fall has had me working two jobs plus trying to attend as many soccer games for my granddaughter as possible. I’m starting to get back to "normal!" Love the two photos of the apples and then the apple crisp. mmmmmm… I’ll bring the whipped cream! See you again soon!


  6. Oh my, if I could reach through my computer screen and take a spoonful of that apple crisp, I sure would. It looks SO tempting. My brother and I both grew up enjoying rich vanilla ice cream melting on warm apple crisp (made with good Minnesota butter). Yum, yum. Thanks for sharing such lovely pics. At least I didn’t gain any weight looking at them.


  7. Home Again says:

    Thanks for enticing me to that apple crisp. I’m thinking of baking with apples this weekend. I love how you brought the various themes of fall into your post today. Perfect.


  8. Well you’re lovely pictures warmed me up! No sun here, just grey and cold and white! It stopped snowing but can I say "Brrrr"? Our leaves are falling and they are still green. This one really nipped us good. Hope it doesn’t get as far east as your way.


  9. We got a gas stove this year and I LOVE the way it makes it feel like there is a roaring fire in the house. You get the sounds, the sight but not have to deal with the wood. (Ok, I’m lazy and I admit it! I’d rather just flip a switch!) But it is cozy, nonetheless.


  10. We’ve had lots of rain in my week also. But it’s not been cold enough yet for a fire in the fireplace. A couple more months to go. Your apple crisp looks delicious! Your pictures are lovely.


  11. That fire is looking mighty nice! It’s a little nippy here this morning and I haven’t donned socks – so my toes are cold! And those apples just look soooooooo yummy! I’m sure the crisp was fabulous! I still have a wee little bit of mine leftover. One thing I do with my crisp that others don’t do is before I sprinkle the crumbs, I drizzle just a little bit of REAL maple syrup over the apples. Try it one time!


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