Everything is just about ready for our Thanksgiving feast this evening.

Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, turnips, beets ~ all from our own garden.

Peas with mint, corn niblets, home-made cranberry sauce, mustard pickles and pickled beets

A nice plump chicken from the farm down the road ~ ready to be stuffed with my mom’s delicious dressing, well-seasoned with summer savoury.

Pies for dessert ~ pumpkin, lemon meringue and a new one this year:

Sour cream apple pie ~ thanks Nan! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

While I am work, I’m listening to a wonderful sound-track for Thanksgiving: Robin Mark’s  Year of Grace.

(Don’t forget to pause the music on the sidebar when you listen)

It’s hard to decide which song is my favourite.

“One Day” makes my spirit soar, fills my heart with praise,

and sets my feet dancing. (good thing I’m alone in the kitchen eh? 🙂

“All Is Well” is a song that offers hope and courage with this timeless truth:

“Whatever is His way, all is well.”

It’s glorious outside. The rain has stopped and the sky is bright blue with racing, ragged clouds.

The trees are a symphony of colour and the air is like an autumn tonic, crisp and clear.

Later, while the chicken is roasting, I hope to take a walk down this road.

Then as evening draws in, I’ll light the candles and look for the car lights to swing into the driveway.

My table will be almost full tonight – oldest and youngest are away.

We’ll be thinking of them and wishing they were here.

Hope you have a blessed and happy day filled with thanksgiving ~ whether you are north or south of the border ~ or across the pond. 🙂

with love,

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving prep

  1. Cedar says:

    I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


  2. mary smith says:

    That road is the most gorgeous autumn road!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  3. Home Again says:

    I love that Music..from Robin Mark. .I will be out to find it ASAp…Looks like a wonderful gathering.


  4. lovella says:

    There is nothing as comforting as making a dinner for those we love. Your pie. . .looks so tasty .. and the picture .. oh the picture of the colored leaf walk . .oh goodness. .so perfect. . .WE are STILL waiting for proper color here.


  5. Josie Ray says:

    Hello, Kathie. You must be an amazing woman to be able to blog on a marathon cooking day like Thanksgiving. From one who could never do that: I’m impressed.Thank you so much for sharing the warmth, goodness, and glory of your Thanksgiving. The warmth comes right through to where I’m sitting, and makes me pleasurably anticipate our own upcoming Thanksgiving.And…that is a bee-yoo-tiful pie photo! I love the pie in the foreground and the apples in the back…lovely! And mouth-watering. I also sampled your music recommendations…moving.I hope you made it out for your walk while the chicken was in, but if not, what a beautiful day at home.Josie Rayappalachiandream.blogspot.com


  6. Lorna says:

    Enjoy all … Happy Thanksgiving :>)


  7. ellen b says:

    Oh I’d love to stroll down that road too! The color is so fabulous!! Enjoy your full table tonight. Blessings on all of you!


  8. nikkipolani says:

    Your dinner preparations sound mouth-watering, Kathie — I’m sure everyone will appreciate your cullinary efforts 🙂 And that walk looks absolutely breathtaking. Happy Thanksgiving!


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