well, look who’s here

I had heard about it . . .

pumpkin spice latte

but now my lips have tasted . . .

The maker of the pumpkin spice latte is in town.

(you’re right Suzanne – it’s that good!)

golden field_09Something else has arrived this morning.

The sun!

It’s shining – a rare moment in a month of (almost) record rain and overcast skies.

Not that I’m complaining – I’ve heard tales of s**w from the south and the west.

But this is potato country and our farmers need some sunshine and dry weather so they can harvest the crop.

And, of course, leaf lovers are happy to see blue sky too.

orange mapleMy camera batteries are all charged.

I’m ready to go.

Maybe I’ll stop in at our newest coffee shop


pick up a pumpkin spice latte ~ to go, of course!

Happy day!

with love,


18 thoughts on “well, look who’s here

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely photo of the autumn leaves! I miss them. Have you tried the fairly new thing, pumpkin whoopie pies? I’m going to try to make some for my mom’s cook-out next month.


  2. BlessedwithFour says:

    One of my other friends was talking about a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks earlier this week so it must be "That good" if I have read about it twice in one week – I have to go and get one and give it a try, I love anything pumpkin. The pic of your fall tree beneath those beautiful blue skies is awesome Kathy!Have a great day :o)


  3. Another convert to pumpkin flavored coffee treats! The last few years Coffeemate creamer has had a pumpkin creamer out by now. I am haunting the dairy cases around here waiting to get some for this year! And FYI…adding the creamer to pancake or waffles or french toast mix is an outstanding way to turn the ordinary recipe into a fall favorite!I’m with you: Fall colors, battery charged up, and I need to plan to add at least 30 minutes to any drive or walk I take…watch for my brake lights: Picture opportunities will be taken at will!


  4. kelli says:

    oooh…what a gorgeous post! and, oh that latte! though i love the taste of coffee, i’ve made myself have it infrequently so as to not get addicted to it:) and this latte makes me think it’s time for an infrequent visit to starbucks!!enjoy your day outside! can’t wait to see those pictures!


  5. I can’t wait to taste all the pumpkin goodness you Americans seem to like so much. IUt looks delicious, and I LOVE that golden scenery and the clear blue sky. Heavenly to say the least!


  6. Book Psmith says:

    Mmmm…I am enjoying one right this minute…one of my favorite drinks until the gingerbread latte comes along. This is my first fall living in PA and the colors are more beautiful than I could have imagined. Your picture captures it perfectly. As much as I love rainy days, after three days of it I was so happy to see the sun.


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