I’ve been inspired by Beth and Ellen. They’ve been walking and getting in shape.

I’m quite faithful to “take a walk”  but my walks are most often leisurely rambles and not geared to work up a sweat.

My exercise history  has been a series of enthusiastic activity bursts punctuated with long periods of slacking. But the diagnosis of a genetic heart condition has kyboshed my ability to do activity bursts anymore and the same diagnosis makes slacking an non-option.

So I called on my old friend Leslie. She’s faithful – always ready for a walk – even in the worst of weather. I can do her  walk  – no hills which are the killer for me – and it does work up a sweat.

I hope Leslie doesn’t take it personally that I don’t listen to her conversation – she’s always talks about the same things 🙂 I can only listen to “C’mon!” “You can do it!” and “Isn’t this fun!” so many times . . .

Instead, I turn her volume down and listen to an audio book from Librivox.

Right now The Railway Children is keeping Leslie and me company as we walk.

I wanted to add some strengthening and flexibility exercises to my walking routine. Something simple and quick but that would exercise the whole body as well as gradually increase in difficulty.

A friend of mine reminded me of the old RCAF XBX fitness program. I can remember my mother doing these exercises. They’ve been around for a long time. I found a free interactive XBX site online. So I registered yesterday and started on level 1.

12 minutes a day is all it takes. That’s do-able.

I was amused by the note included on the instruction page of the XBX program:

Note: Do not expect startling results. Fitness takes time and persistence. Couple your XBX program with a good diet, and your progress will be steady.

Startling results? Like what?? My imagination is running away with that description.

Getting in shape would be a pleasant but not startling result – now, growing hair on my chest would definitely be startling 🙂

 I like the rest of the advice – “Fitness takes time and persistence. Couple your XBX program with a good diet, and your progress will be steady.”

So, my new goal?

Slow and steady.

We all know the end of that proverb.

I’m not in a race, but  if I can get in the exercise habit, 

I’ll feel like  a winner.

Happy Thursday everyone!

with love,


8 thoughts on “inspiration

  1. I am a faithful 2-mile-a-day walker (brisk and uphill) but am not so good in regular exercising stuff. I used to do Yoga, but haven’t revisited that in awhile. I should when winter comes on and I am not as active.Jody


  2. Keep us posted as to how Leslie’s program goes. I’ve fallen off the walking band-wagon with the onset of winter weather…and have just ordered a treadmill. I feel so much better if I walk.


  3. Your post today is encouraging to me….yes, going slow and steady, and developing a habit! Making it a habit is always the hard part for me. So I’m going to get started on that, slowly and steadily!


  4. That’s funny… Leslie comes down and walks with me in Florida, too! But yep, she’s a giggler, and it can get on the nerves. I do her tapes, and I dance with Richard (simmons) and all kinds of others. My favorite tapes are Margaret Richard’s Body Electric. Deceptively simple looking; they are weight, strength and flexibility training and they WORK! I DID have startling results with her tapes. I also ride my exercycle for 1/2 hour daily while I read my Bible. Perseverance is definitely the key. I say it is like brushing your teeth. Each day doesn’t seem like it does much, but one day you wake up and realize, "Hey, my teeth never fell out!" Enjoy!


  5. Kathie, I don’t know whether those exercise images are from the XBX program or not, but they are terrific! I used to get a cooking magazine that would also include a section of exercise/workout ideas. The women in them are intimidatingly tall perfect models. Congratulations on starting on a program that will hopefully work for you, startling results notwithstanding!


  6. Yeah, Kathie! I am so glad you have a plan for getting more fit. I find that the plan helps so, so much. Results may not be startling, but after just a few weeks of consistent exercise, you will probably notice that you have more energy, feel more flexible, and just generally feet better! I do. Leisurely rambles are important, too – for health of mind and soul!God bless you in your efforts.Love,Beth


  7. I think that’s an ongoing problem for me…I want startling results!!:0)Slow and steady wins the race…I’ll keep repeating that to myself.I’m going to have to find a friend like Leslie for the really stormy days here…


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