what arrived on PEI last Saturday!

The Olympic Torch parade!

It was a grey day but not too cold.

They passed out mini-cokes, mittens and Olympic flags.

We cheered and waved our flags as the torch bearer ran by.

But the biggest thrill of all?

You’ve met Peter before – well, his son Matt, who is also one of Sarah’s close friends, was privileged to be chosen as a torch bearer.

The whole experience was as “up close and personal” as it can be!

But even more Olympic adventures happened later that day . . .

It was a bit awkward, definitely entertaining, and I’m still not quite sure how it happened!

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you the rest of the story!


8 thoughts on “Look

  1. Josie Ray says:

    Very cool. And what colorful photos.


  2. lovella says:

    Oh Kathie. . every night I watch to see where the torch had been and that night . ..I watched so close to see if I could see you . .I was sure it was you at one point. .but of course they pan the crowd very quickly so I couldn’t be sure. I thought to myself. . she’ll be there blogging this .. and of course you were.Have a great weekend.


  3. Judy says:

    I’m so looking forward to the Olympic torch relay…which passes through our town on February 7th. We are almost at the end of the line! I can hardly wait for the next chapter! (Tomorrow?)


  4. Home Again says:

    How exciting to see the beginning of the Torch relay back east. I have Feb.7th posted on my calendar as they arrive in Chilliwack. I also was gifted some hockey tickets from my neice. I am so excited for this event.It’s a once in a life time…experience and it’s so exciting to see that Matt could be a part of this event.


  5. ellen b says:

    Oh what fun! I love up close and personal experiences like these. Looking forward to the other story :0)Dear got to be a torch bearer in the 1984 Olympics. It was a fun experience for our whole family…


  6. jill says:

    About fifteen years ago the Olympic torch went down our street in San Diego. Funny…I have not a guess where that Olympics took place! There is a map on Weather.com showing where the torch is everyday now. Fun for people to turn out and cheer it on. I hope you didn’t sneeze as the torch went past you…you didn’t blow it out did you? Wouldn’t that make national news?


  7. Sweet Bay says:

    I was watching ice skating last weekend, and realized then that the winter Olympics was just around the corner. Looking forward to the story. 🙂


  8. Oh, you are cruel, aren’t you? **grin**I don’t like waiting, but it sounds like a good story. Looking forward to it!


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