Multitudes on a Monday

joining the Gratitude Community

with thanks


26.  worship songs

27. gathering together every week with those who share a love for the Lord

28.  a whistling husband

29.  steaming hot coffee au lait every morning

30.  the comfort of my bed at night

31. memories

32. the bare loveliness of November 

33. a good morning kiss  – almost 33 years running 🙂

34. an inspiring concert

35. the golden rim across the early morning horizon

36. a tiny kitten who curls sleeping between your feet

37. a bright fire in the dark evenings

38. flickering candlelight on the mantelpiece

39. home-made bread with strawberry jam – summer’s sweetness stored in a jar

40. band boys home from tour – safe and sound – and glad to be back.

41. running into my baby boy shopping

42. and helping him choose a roaster to cook a chicken 

43. so sweet to watch him and our new daughter by love set up house-keeping

44. a long chat with my London boy and daughter by love

45. book talk with my girl

46. taking out the Christmas books – old friends

47. cuddling a tiny baby girl in church yesterday

48.  frosted red berries against a blue November sky

49. our God who keeps watch over us through the night

50. and this beautiful poem – thanks to my friend Ann with a V at Holy Experience for both the poem link and for hosting Multitude Monday.

Go here to listen to the poem read ~ with a lovely Irish lilt.

The watches of the night – Kristyn Getty

 I look towards the wintering trees

To hush my fretful soul

As they rise to face the icy sky

And hold fast beneath the snow

Their rings grow wide, their roots go deep

That they might hold their height

And stand like valiant soldiers

Through the watches of the night


No human shoulder ever bears

The weight of all the world

But hearts can sink beneath the ache

Of trouble’s sudden surge

Yet far beyond full knowing

There’s a strong unsleeping light

That reaches round to hold me

Through the watches of the night


I have cried upon the steps that seem

Too steep for me to climb

And I’ve prayed against a burden

I did not want to be mine

But here I am and this is where

You’re calling me to fight

And You I will remember

Through the watches of the night

You I will remember

Through the watches of the night


holy experience

thanking Him for you,

with love,


7 thoughts on “Multitudes on a Monday

  1. Hi Kathie…you’ve got comments off on your sugar cookie post…but I can’t help it…it was so fun to see the family on the other end of the continent-(San Diego to PEI is quite the furthest distance isn’t it?)- "way back when" doing exactly the same thing we were doing…with the same kind of picture documentation. The grown up kid still love to do Christmas cookie sprinkling!


  2. Hi Kathie,I was going to comment on your Christmas traditions post but the comments are turned off so I’ll comment here. Love that 80’s shot of your wee ones enjoying making the sugar cookies. Enjoyed reading your gratitude list, also. The poem is very cool. How comforting to know the one who watches over us and our world never slumbers…


  3. Lynn says:

    A reminder of what we have to be grateful and thankful for. The little things (well a good husband isn’t a little thing – but you know what I mean) not the material possesions or how much we have. Thank you for sharing yours. About your posts further down: How exciting to have the olympic torch so close. And yes I despise black friday, I believe it has nothng to do with Christmas, so many people so desperate to shop.


  4. Carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I am glad your migrane is gone. Baking bread with your girl would be a warm and fuzzy way to spend your day.I love the smell of homemade bread almost as much as the taste. I enjoyed your previous post also-I can picture Roger waving and smiling as he drove by! Take care,Carolyn


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