My apologies folks . . .

in all my Christmas blog decorating flurry, I clicked the “comments off” button in the last post by mistake.

I’ve rectified the situation so now we can chat to our heart’s content.

Here’s a topic to talk about ~ how do you like my new Christmas look? I LOVE my new header font. It’s so fun! It’s called “Flakes” and you can download it here.

Do you decorate your blog by the season? Or just when you get the urge? Or do you stay with the familiar?

Are you addicted to excessively fond of fonts??



Don’t even mention dingbats!

Aren’t these cute?

Someone help me . . .please.

Ok ~ deep breath!


I’m putting the teapot on.

We’ll have a visit in the comments.


with love,


4 thoughts on “oops

  1. Lorna says:

    I love the new look, Kathie … it ‘almost’ makes me glad to see winter coming :>). I loved the picture of the boys baking cookies … how adorable!


  2. oooh…so fun! i had no idea you could change fonts like that!! i love your new look, and i love how you change with the seasons. i may do that at some point. hmmm…something to think about:)


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