O Christmas tree

Last week we made our annual trip to the tree farm.

It wasn’t quite as picturesque as Tasha Tudor’s rendering of the event.

Our beautiful snow cover had yet to appear ~ envision rain and mud.

But, weather notwithstanding, a beautiful tree now stands in the living room

awaiting lights (my beloved’s job)


decorations (my job ~ with Sarah helping and learning all the family stories of each ornament).

 Mmm, spicy evergreen fragrance ~ essence of Christmas πŸ™‚

with love,


10 thoughts on “O Christmas tree

  1. Home Again says:

    I’m smelling those fragrances right now…I picked mine up last week and it’s making a transition in the shop, waiting to be put up this weekend.I love those natural smells.


  2. My job is the garland. πŸ™‚ And preparing the orange danish rolls and hot chocolate for the trim-the-tree party afterwards. I’m still blessed enough to have girls who think they can do it all better anyway…and they love it. I’m enjoying it all while I still can! πŸ™‚ Your tree is beautiful even w/o the decorating.


  3. Beautiful, Kathie–a perfect shape. Brian’s job is also the lights.(Don’t tell anyone, but we have artificial trees…this will change as Victor gets older. I look forward to heading off to the Christmas tree farm as a family. We only had a real tree for one of our married years and our cats both tried to climb it. Repeatedly. Do you have this problem?)XO


  4. Our tree is up but undecorated. Lights will probably go on tomorrow but ornaments will wait til college boys come home! I love the Tasha Tudor illustration. She’s always been one of my favorite children’s author/illustrators. Do you know the book Becky’s Christmas by her? You’d love it. It’s out of print and hard to find, but a real gem. My copy is a treasure.


  5. Ahh, very nice. I had to put the lights on myself this year and well I’m just not type A enough to do it well :0) Mostly I just shoved them in here and there. How fun to tell the history of the ornaments. There are some that I wish I would have documented better because my memory fails me….


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