Hello everyone – Happy Friday!


welcome to the December 18th edition of

 I wish I could pass you a plate of Christmas Scotch cookies and a nice cup of tea – just like I did for our Bible study group that met here this week.

But since I can’t . . . I guess I’ll just have to one for me and one for you too 🙂

I didn’t even take a picture but another Island Girl did – you can check out the recipe here. My mom made these cookies every Christmas.

It’s been a very full week ~ with all my Christmas favourites ~ one right after another.

1. Getting the house all decked. Sarah and I finished the tree.

It was fun telling the stories of each ornament ~ including this funny little Christmas elf. It was my very favourite ornament when I was growing up.

Here’s the tree decked in all the ornaments and the big lights that we’ve had for years. Sarah calls them disco lights. 🙂 We always had big lights when I was little so that’s what goes on the tree now.

Call me sentimental – I don’t mind. I love the hand-made ornaments from kindergarten days, the ornaments given to me in my teaching days, the little baby ornaments that mark each year a new little one joined our family, ornaments given by family and friends, and especially the little angel given to me by my sister.

It’s so relaxing to sit by the tree with my beloved, listening to carols and sipping on a glass of wine. I’m looking forward to a number of those evenings over the next two weeks.

2. Another Christmas favourite? Our annual Sunday School concert ~ complete with Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, sheep, a cow and Baby Jesus in the manger.

Sarah was the accompanist for the children and she played beautifully! This year’s concert had an international theme. The children are singing a French carol in this picture – which explains the Eiffel Tower on the screen.

Can you believe I forgot my camera?? I rushed home to get it – we live next door – but by the time I got back the little shepherds’ part was over.

I managed to sneak a shot of this little guy in the pew. Oh my – I think they were the cutest shepherds ever.

This little fellow was trying to hook me with his crook. I must be getting to the grandmother stage – everything they do is cute 🙂

3. That afternoon was birthday celebration time! Robbie is our December baby.

Here’s the birthday boy with his sweet girlfriend – Dorothy is a music and art teacher and she put on a wonderful Christmas school concert last night. Roger, Sarah, Robbie and I went together – it was marvelous – and so much work. The children sang so well. One of the numbers was a black light show to the music of the Nutcracker Suite. It was awesome. Dorothy is such a talented teacher.

She and Robbie are laughing pretty hard in this picture.

Maybe you’d like to know why?

Note John on the violin. You might wonder if he plays the violin.

Only on birthdays.

It’s our latest new tradition.

And it causes a lot of hilarity.

The Birthday Serenade.

(No Sarah doesn’t play the flute either – but James is excellent on the guitar.)

Speaking of James – here he is with his sweet wife Nora. I had an facebook message from them yesterday: 

We arrived – everything went well
At our hotel now and going to go for a swim…quite hot. and sunny. not to rub it in.
Love son and d.i.l.


They are enjoying a well deserved honeymoon. They were married 2 days before their university classes started so they couldn’t go then. They finished exams last week and boarded a plane for Costa Rica. I’m so happy for them – and I’ll enjoy the beach weather vicariously! They arrive home on Christmas Eve.

That Sunday was such a lovely family get-together – but we were thinking of our oldest boy and daughter in love in London. Miss you sweets!

4. Even in the midst of all the Christmas preparation and festivities, I have times of quiet. That’s one aspect of having a heart problem that has taken some getting used to. Resting isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.

I tell myself that’s good. And I know it is, although I get frustrated and discouraged at times. It’s difficult to have to stay at home when you want to go somewhere.

But, on the other hand, enforced quiet time gives opportunity for other lovely activities.

Like reading. I have this book in my library pile and it looks good.

and this one – same title but different author – it also looks promising.

Quiet time soundtrack? This week features Liona Boyd’s Guitar for Christmas

5. For my final Friday Fave, I’ll leave you with a picture of a long ago Christmas.

My brother Scott, sister Deb, and me  – age 3, I think. Our Nana is in the background.

Who remembers tinkertoys??


Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit this week.

Thanks so much for coming by.

with love,

 PS – For more Friday Faves drop over to visit Suzanne and the Friday crew at Living To Tell The Story

19 thoughts on “A Festive Friday Fave Five

  1. Jody says:

    Sweet pictures. I love the last one of you and your sibs and Nana. I remember tinker toys and in fact, bought old ones for my kids when they were Littles. Merry Christmas Kathie!jody


  2. Home Again says:

    I’m a bit late in catching up, but all is well, and I do remember Tinker Toys. Thanks for sharing about your week. Many special family events are happening all over the world and most of all it’s wonderful that you can enjoy some quiet time with your beloved.Thanks for sharing about your heart condition. I can see that you need to pace yourself.Have a blessed Christmas.


  3. Susanne says:

    Love your family traditions! I have to get me one of them birthday hats. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.I can’t imagine Christmas without one of the kids here. Although I’m sure one of these days that’s going to happen. Hopefully you will have a nice reunion soon!


  4. Jill says:

    Sweet picture of you and your siblings, Kathie! Oh, you are adorable!Your tree is lovely.I smiled a lot at the birthday celebration photos–a wonderful family tradition developing in those musicians! XO


  5. Your family’s birthday celebration looked like so much fun. Isn’t it wonderful when everyone can get together and do "impromptu" concerts and just act silly for the sheer joy of living? Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.


  6. Carol says:

    Hi Kathie,Your Christmas tree is beautiful. I also love the handmade ornaments like you. I popped by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ♥


  7. kari says:

    such a beautiful post and what great family traditions. I like handmade ornaments too. I think they mean so much more.Merry Christmas to you and yours and Have a Happy New Year.


  8. Faith says:

    Kathy: I LOVE Your list this week!! ANd yes….I LOVED tinkertoys as a child and used to play with them and my younger sisters. I even bought some for my girls when they were preschoolers…..I actually special ordered wooden ones after purchasing the newer plastic ones and HATING them..the wooden ones are far superior!!ENjoy the upcoming Christmas week..the music on here is just beautiful. I haven’t figured out yet how to play music on my blog…i only know how to upload music videos from You Tube!


  9. Brenda says:

    Reading this post made me feel like I actually shared a plate of tea and cookies with you as we got caught up on your week. Everyone looks so happy in all of your pictures. It looks like you lead a very satisfying life.


  10. Lorna says:

    So nice, Kathie. Reading your blog causes me to slow down :>) … such a good thing to do!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas – we will miss you all. Love –


  11. Elizabeth says:

    What a lovely post – I was smiling throughout! You have had a wonderful week and I’m happy you shared it with us.


  12. Of course I remember Tinker Toys! 🙂 What a fun classic picture.I am sentimental about the tree ornaments too. The tree is a reflection of our family and places we have been, and pics of the kids growing up. I love to get out each special ornament each year. It gives special meaning to our tree! And I LIKE your big "disco lights" :)Love the picture of the birthday serenade….such fun and silly times, make for great family moments. Merry Christmas!~Sandy


  13. Willow says:

    What a happy Fave Five this week, as usual, Kathie! You’ve had a great week–programs, decorated tree, time with family, birthday celebrations! wow!I remember tinkertoys and Lincoln logs too!


  14. =) Your posts just make me smile. I can’t help it. (I know, I know…it must get old that I keep saying so!) Bah! Well, you are a delight on the web for me and you should know it!You and Sarah did an awesome job decorating your tree and I love reminiscing over ornaments. Each one tells a special story. I hope you and your family have a wonderfully merry Christmas!


  15. nikkipolani says:

    Lovely family traditions, Kathie — both old ones and new ones. I did think, "My, what a musical family you have," when I first saw the photos 😉 And thank you for having the cookie for me and saving me a few calories!


  16. melli says:

    Tinker Toys were GREAT! I had them as a child and my kids had them too! Mostly they became all sorts of imaginative things used with other things in play! That number 3 looks like it was QUITE the celebration! I think the musicians are MY favorite! Perhaps I’ll buy some instruments that no one knows how to play and we’ll start this tradition too! ROFL!WE enjoyed our preschool Christmas pageant this week at church — and it made it to MY fave five too! Aren’t they just precious!? Have another great week ahead!


  17. ellen b says:

    What a wonderful Fave Five Kathie! Love that old photo. I’m glad you get some quiet nights with a glass of wine mixed in with all the lovely hustle and bustle of Christmas…That’s great that your kids can enjoy a honeymoon now…Have a great weekend…looks like some "weather" might be headed your way.


  18. kelli says:

    i love coming here! it always makes me smile and reminds me of all the goodness and simplicity i felt during our short week on your island. (i dreamed a couple of nights ago that we were there again! maybe soon:) do let us know how the irish country christmas books are! they look so good!enjoy your weekend, kathie:)


  19. Your family’s birthday celebration looked like so much fun. Isn’t it wonderful when everyone can get together and do "impromptu" concerts and just act silly for the sheer joy of living? Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.


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