oh bother . . .


My laptop crashed

another blue screen of death

and this time it was fatal.

Thankfully everything was backed up. I learned that lesson well. 🙂

I’m on our ancient desktop now, which is fine for typing but not so great for photography or blogging.

Posts will be a bit scarce for the next while.

But not for too long ~ there’s a lovely new laptop making its way across the country to me.

Until then!


7 thoughts on “oh bother . . .

  1. jill says:

    Never too old to learn a new thing or two, especially if you have computers in your life. I hope the new one feels as friendly as the old one did, and that you will soon be back up to speed and then some!


  2. My desk top has had a blue screen experience over Christmas and I dare not put one more picture on it. I have my eye on a new desk top and in the meantime I have my notebook. . .which I’m getting quite attached to.


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