these pictures on the ancient desktop.

Perfect timing. I wouldn’t want to miss blogging today.

Our 33rd anniversary!

It’s a blustery day on PEI ~ although not as stormy as that day 33 years ago when we were the only event not cancelled on the Island.

Everyone made it, despite the weather, and our ceremony was so beautiful with the candlelight glowing in the old church.

But even more beautiful are the 33 years that we have shared together ~ so many memories. The Lord has blessed us beyond our imagining and has kept us through the good times and through the hard times. Thanks to Him, our love has grown deeper and stronger with each passing year.

I found the one my heart loves ~ Song of Solomon 3:4

I’m so glad we said yes that day.


28 thoughts on “found

  1. Dawn says:

    A belated Happy Anniversary !! So happy for you two !!My Beloved Roger and I just celebrated our 23rd, on Jan 10. Wishing you many many more wonderful years together !!Love Dawn in Northwest Arkansas Usa


  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am just getting a chance to read some favorite blogs and saw this…hope you had a wonderful day. I enjoyed the pictures as usual!! God bless you…..33 years! Praise the Lord!!


  3. Home Again says:

    Congratulations to another anniversary. I’m so glad you shared your photos. They are priceless and we need to treasure these photos for our next generations. May you share many more years together…


  4. Congratulations on 33 years, Kathie! I love your wedding pictures. You and your hubby make a very nice couple.We must be close in age. My hubby and I have been married for 33 years also. It’s getting to be rare in this day and age to find couples married that long!


  5. Happy 33rd Anniversary, Kathie. Beautiful pictures….sorry, I hadn’t clicked over to see this post yet when I dropped you an email. I hope your day was extra special remembering.


  6. Kathie, congratulations on your Christmas wedding and Christmas anniversary! Many more years of health and joy to you and your family.You are a blessing. I so enjoy your blog…your daughter’s sweet face, your kittens, your thoughts, life, snowflake (!), et cetera! You have a sweet spirit.A wonderful, wonderful 2010 to you all.We’re staying home tonight (my very favorite NYE activity), and I’m just now starting a new roast recipe in the crock pot: http://www.recipezaar.com/Vs-Crock-Pot-Bottom-Round-Roast-276903 A recipe with possibilities, I think! Makes me want to celebrate! 🙂


  7. Happy Anniversary!!! I had forgotten how close ours are. Only a few days–and ten years–apart! I think I said this last time you posted those pics, but I just ADORE that beautiful white wedding cape! So classy and gorgeous…just like the lovely bride wearing it. Many blessings on your marriage and family! ~Jeanne


  8. Lorna says:

    I’m also glad you said "yes" that day :>). Happy Anniversary – I remember that day so well, trying to walk up the incline to the church steps and sliding back down again. I hope you have many, many more years to enjoy together. Love you – Lorna


  9. jill says:

    It would have been fun to have known about each other 33 years ago…as I plannned my Christmas time wedding on the North American Southwest coast and you planned yours on the North East coast. Our hair styles were remarkably alike on our wedding days! Thirty three years gone by…and there is a good chance we both could have thirty three more years of married life, God willing. Are we up for it? Sure! But will blogging by then be considered as quaint as note writing on pretty paper and lickkng a stamp to send is now seen? Guess we’ll find out!Blessing on you both and may happy memories be created on this, your day.


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