extreme outings

On Monday I bundled up and headed out to the beach.

I never used to go the shore in the winter.

As a summer loving swimmer, I didn’t think that the winter beach held any attraction.

But my attitude has changed.

Now, I love the sea in every season.

Of course, beach attire in January is quite different from summer attire,

but if you are dressed very warmly, a winter trip to the seaside can be fascinating.

The sea waters surrounding PEI are just beginning to freeze.

It’s mesmerizing to watch the surface rise and fall in long undulating lines

as waves roll in under the layer of snow and ice particles.

Once in a while a wave will break through and crash over.

But that won’t happen for much longer ~ soon the surface will completely harden

and the Island will be iced in.

By February, huge ice formations will jut up along the shore

and there will be whole new terrains to explore.

No matter what season, there’s never a dull moment!

You have to be a hardy soul to enjoy it though.

Have I talked you into it yet??

A blazing fire and hot chocolate is waiting afterward for any intrepid explorers who sign up. 

I’ll take names in the comments πŸ™‚

with love,



18 thoughts on “extreme outings

  1. Kathie, I never realized that the sea ices up–I mean, I guess I knew that it did, but I didn’t give it much thought. Thanks so much for ‘enlightening’ me.(I would love to join you on your winter shoreline adventures!)Have you read Rachel Carson’s books about the sea?XO


  2. I’m with you. I love the winter beach. And when the ice breaks up along the shore and looks like piles of whipped cream…my favorite! Salty, numb extremities…well, I love contrasts, so when you step under the hot shower afterwards, it’s rather blissful. A slow-mo version of running from the hot tub to the lake and back. πŸ™‚ And nature’s beauty and power, peace and patience are all deeply moving.


  3. Winter IS the season for long walks on the beach. In the summer, I feel sticky and ultimately give in to the urge to take a dip. Or have to dodge tourists! In winter time it was just me and the gulls and I could walk for miles at a time on the Northern San Diego coastlines. I miss doing that. Now I wonder what a walk around the Great Salt Lake would be like this time of year. Hmmm….


  4. Love the photo with the boat! An idea though: I’m challenging you to try a tighter crop of it, but only from the bottom – about half way between the photo edge and the boat. That would make the beautiful photo even more intense :)Beautiful πŸ™‚


  5. Joy says:

    Great Pictures. I live on an island on the oposite side of the Country from you. No winter but lots of wind and rain. I’d love to see your island one day though.


  6. Home Again says:

    I am always fascinated by your beach walks, summer or winter. I love that last photo of the tug boat.Let’s go exploring together.


  7. Oh sign me up please, Kathie. I have loved the ocean all my life, but I have never seen it in winter. The pictures are just amazing. I hope you will walk that way again and take more pictures – and I will come along with you. There are times I just feel the ocean drawing me – and we live so far away. Thank you for sharing your walk.


  8. Half the fun of going out to explore in the cold is the coming home! I miss the ocean. I grew up near the sea on the coast of Massachusetts and now live in New Hampshire with its tiny coastline about an hour away. It’s lovely in all seasons but there is something about the winter seascape with its own unique beauty that makes me long for the shore. Have a blessed day in the Lord!


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