of challenges

Eija issued a photography challenge – crop this photo to accent the boat.

I’m always up for a challenge


I love to work on my photography skills.

I had to add exercise to my New Year’s resolution suggestion list


I never had to add photography.

I guess that tells me something.

It’s not hard to do what you love to do.

Some people love exercise.

I love how it makes me feel after I do it.

Not the sore muscles mind you – although I like the fact that I am strengthening my body.

What I really like is that glow of accomplishment that comes from doing something good for yourself

even though it’s a challenge – maybe, especially because it’s a challenge.

I’m on my 9th day of a Pilates dvd. Sarah and I are doing it together.

I can already see progress in my flexibility


I’m actually enjoying the process. That, in itself, feels like a minor miracle.

Here’s the cropped version of the winter boat on Point Prim.

I like it.

Thanks for the challenge Eija!

now . . .

where is that pilates dvd?


with love,


6 thoughts on “of challenges

  1. Oh no, lost the original?! Oh no! Did you erase it from the memory card already?What I loved in this photo was the colours and the light and the almost-faded footprints on the snow, leading the eye into the picture. And I can see all of them are a bit faded in the third version 😦 Next time I say something please tell me to just shut up, ok?


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    There you go Eija – unfortunately I broke one of the cardinal photo rules – I worked on the orginal for the second fix. So I had to download from here to change it the third time and that’s why I can’t enlarge it.oh well…the boat is down there waiting for another picture. I think it’s the most photographed old boat that I know. I don’t know what we’ll ever do when it finally sucumbs to the elements and time.I know the rule of thirds – but I had forgotten the rest rule. It’s a good one.I do a little bit with layers – but not much. I’m fooling around with pse and trying to get the hang of it. fun times.blessings!


  3. Oh, and the paint.net program… It has at least two good features: 1. it’s free – we all love that, right? And for a free program it’s pretty good, at least for very basic functions. 2. The levels curve can be adjusted per colour (that’s the one thing I miss in pse). However, you can’t make a pure adjustment layer but you need to make a copy of your photo layer and then perform the adjustment to that. A bit heavy… The selection tools are very limited and don’t work very well. And various other things I really miss, as well as the ease of use. But that’s also about what one is used to… I also have an old version of Corel photo paint and even that can’t beat Elements in my book. At work I have paintshop pro and a newer Corel – I only use them when I have to. I’d like to have PS C4 but that’s way too expensive – Elements is good enough for me, at least for now, and it can do pretty much everything I want very smoothly.The main thing is to use a program that YOU’re happy with, not one that someone else says is better. And that’s where free trial versions come in handy πŸ™‚


  4. Good work Kathie πŸ™‚ Now, I’m nit-picking… Try a third one, as I said: Cut the bottom of the picture about half way between the original photo edge and the boat. So that some of the empty snow remains below the boat. Then compare all three versions and think which one you like the best and why.One of the basic things (you probably know this) in photography is the "empty space". Like rests in music πŸ™‚ The empty space gives room for the subject, lets it breathe – but if the empty space is too big the subject gets bored and flattens out. Then there is the rule of the thirds (or the golden rule…) which is very good and works well for the eye – however, rules are made to be broken. The only problem is to know when to break them and how! I wish someone told me that…….. ;)Oh, and it’s ok to tell me to shut up and butt off πŸ˜€


  5. Well done . you definately have a knack and that is why you love it. .and you should. Oh .. yes .. the exercise is beginning to make itself known in my legs. . that’s a good thing right. . the pain I mean?


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