Winter wonder

Oh. my. goodness!

We’ve had some simply gorgeous winter days here on the Island.

Sunlight, blue sky, crisp fresh air, sparkling snow and not too cold ~ around freezing.

So I’ve been out with my camera ~ having such fun!

I wish that you had come along.

But since you couldn’t, I’ll share my favourites with you here in our weekly Friday Fave visit.

I’ve had a terrible time narrowing down to 5.

But it’s good discipline – right?

1. I tend to favor macro pictures but I love the sweeping view in this scene. The yellow farmhouse stands out against the dark wood, the snow covered fields and the brilliant blue sky.

2. Ah macro – love it! Tiny tracks in the fresh snow. I wonder who made them? Maybe a mouse scurrying through the snow to its snug little winter den.

3. I had to lay flat in the snow for the above picture ~ which explains the next picture.

I had to include it because it reminds me of my childhood days – playing in the snow and coming home covered with snow, soaked, cold and totally happy. And my mom would say “where are your snow pants??” 🙂

4. The play of light on the pine cones. Mmm ~ macro again. I love the tiny details.

5. What? Number 5 already?? What about the blue sky picture? The cat sunning in the barn door? The horses’ shaggy winter coats?

oh well

I’ll save them for another day. And I’ll leave you with the delicious sound of a brook in a quiet wood.

(Pause the music on the sidebar – or listen to them together – they blend rather well 🙂

I really hope you enjoyed your visit this week. Thanks so much for dropping in!

For more lovely Friday faves, visit Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story.

Happy weekend!

with love,


22 thoughts on “Winter wonder

  1. Instant peace washed over me as I listened to your music and then looked at your pictures, and read you gentle words. I love how you have posted a precious Psalm. Thank you for an especially lovely site! I WILL be back! God bless you.


  2. You made me laugh out loud with the photo of your snow-covered jeans! I laid flat in the snow to take pics of our nativity set in the snow in December, and was covered and soaked and frozen! We DO have neighbors close enough to see, too, but perhaps by now they’re used to seeing me in the yard doing camera gymnastics.A great set of winter pics, and I *love* the stream!


  3. beautiful. I love the yellow barn, the tiny paw prints, the pine cone and the blue sky.I’m not a snow person but your photo’s make me want to come and see.


  4. So beautiful! That first picture os amazing. Look at that expanse of pure untouched snow. What is it about untouched snow that just brings such peace when I see a pic of it.But that certainly doesn’t take away from the footprints either. So cute finding those. And you made me laugh getting down in the snow like you did. And with no snow pants. LOL.


  5. I always enjoy your pictures and I am very impressed that you are even willing to lay down in the snow in order to get a shot for us 🙂 This week your pictures made me shiver a little, brrrr, all that snow!


  6. Home Again says:

    It’s always a delight to see what you are up to…I love what your mother said, "Who cares? Right? It’s so much fun to get all fluffed up just to catch that last photo…I hear you.


  7. This is truly one of my favorite sets of pictures of your winter. ..oh how absolutely breathtaking. . .Oh I wish we could lay on our tummies together .. .with our macro’s ready to go .. .awesome.Oh boy . ..you have no Olympics but lots of snow . ..us? We have lots of Olympics but no snow. .not on the local mountains. .They are pushing it down from the top of the mountain as we speak . ..oh vey. . .That’s why they call us the wet coast.


  8. I love the powdery crystal character of the snow you’ve captured in these photos. I’ve never spent more than a week in snow so I don’t get to observe it as you do! And, by the way, where <i>are</i> your snow pants, young lady??


  9. Home Again says:

    It’s always a delight to see what you are up to…I love what your mother said, "Who cares? Right? It’s so much fun to get all fluffed up just to catch that last photo…I hear you.


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