Friday’s Fave Five

Hi there everyone! It’s a storm day Friday here on PEI. The whole Island is shut down, even UPEI, and that’s a rare event to cancel university here. So far, we have a lot of light, fluffy snow but not much wind. But 80 km/h winds are predicted for this afternoon so we’re expecting blowing snow and whiteout conditions.

Maybe you’re wondering what Islanders do when we’re expecting a storm?

1. First we make sure we have plenty of food. There is always a run on the grocery store when there is a storm warning. Not that anyone is panicking. There’s a lot of friendly talk in the long line ups –  generally about the coming storm: how much snow is expected, how high the winds will be, road conditions, comparisons to past storms. Islanders love weather talk!

Roger and I got our groceries last night so that’s checked off the list.

2. Next stop? Well for me it would be the library ~ for  others,  the movie rental store. I have a lovely stash of library books. One that I’m really enjoying is First Light by Rebecca Stead. An engaging story.

Rebecca Stead is also the winner of this year’s  Newbery Award for her book When You Reach Me. Our library doesn’t have a copy of it yet, but I already have my name on the request list.

3. Of course, my beloved always has to make sure that we run off extra water just in case the power goes off.  And the woodboxes need to be filled to the brim with wood so he doesn’t have to head out to the woodshed in the height of the storm.

I gather up the candles and make sure the kerosene lamps are filled. We have a flashlight that plugs in so it’s always ready to go. And a wind up radio so we can hear how long the power will be out. We always enjoy a power outage as long as it doesn’t last too long. It’s cozy with the fire and the flickering candlelight.

4. I’m planning to make a little progress on this winter past-time. I usually pick away at a puzzle each winter. They say it’s good to head off Alzheimer’s 🙂

5. The wind hasn’t started blowing hard yet. So if you’d like, you can come on over. We can be storm-stayed together! The kettle is always boiling on the woodstove and I have two new delicious teas to offer you.

Ginger, Peach and Apricot by the Boston Tea Company – a  bright, fruit-flavoured black tea


Tetley’s Dream herbal tea ~ I was surprised by the strong flavour burst in this herbal tea. A lovely camomile lemon!

Well . . . the door is always open!


Thanks so much for coming by  ~ even if you could only manage a virtual visit! And thanks to Suzanne for hosting our weekly get-together at Living to Tell The Story.

I’m leaving you with a picture of a gorgeous Island winter sunset that I saw at my mil’s home last week.

(click to enlarge)Happy weekend everyone!

with love,


23 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Hello,I recently found your blog, and have enjoyed your pictures and getting to know you (well, sort of).I’d visit you tonight if it weren’t so beastly cold here in Sweden (-23,3°C), so I stay close to the fire and visit you when it gets warmer!Margaretha


  2. Oh I love a house full of food and activities during a storm! I’d love to come over for a cup of tea Kathie–maybe next week? I’m stuck with a cold this weekend and I lost my voice–I wouldn’t be much fun to talk to.My grandmother, who’s 87, spends her winters putting puzzles together. And she’s sharp as a tack!XO


  3. You do have a way of bringing us right to where you are with your words and photos! Me, I’d like a cup of the Ginger, Peach, and Apricot tea, please, with a little honey. And please do light those candles with the sweet angels around them. Stay warm!


  4. That IS a gorgeous picture!Your storm preparations remind me of our hurricane preparations. It sounds to me like you’ll have a great time, storm or not. Interesting how a storm can provide a different sense of calm. Your home will be your little island of calm this weekend! Stay warm and dry.


  5. I just love coming here and seeing all your gorgeous pictures. I love stocking up on books at the library. I am reading a good one now called Firefly Lane about best friends growing up in the 1970s and 1980s…I can SOOO relate to one of the characters!Yummy tea, candles, oil lamps..I have my oil lamps all filled because we are experiencing very bitter cold temps and wind but no snow…would rather have the snow I think. here in my part of NYS it is sunny but just so COLD! this a.m. i had to drive my teen girl to her driver ed class and it was only 1 degree…very cold for us here. so…tonite while company visits I am gonna have those oil lamps going..they are so cheerful!happy weekend…stay warm and cozy!


  6. The sunset is lovely! The vivid colors are so warm that I can almost forget how cold that snow looks.I wonder how soon you’ll read my comment since you may lose power in the snowstorm. Stay warm and cozy. Cuddle up with the kittens and drink lots of tea! Be safe.


  7. I love the sunset picture. 🙂 So simple, yet quite breathtaking. I love a good snow storm. Sounds like you may be in for a big one.Love all the plans you take care of, sounds like you are prepared! Good for you, I have a feeling you are experienced in this area. 🙂


  8. That sunset with the white snow is breath taking.Hope you stay nice and warm and the storm doesn’t end up being too bad. Every thing you have ready though is very cozy.


  9. I do all of those same things, but don’t have a fireplace or wood stove. Just a propane camp heater. (with an oxygen sensor to be safe) somehow your storm sounds better and more romantic than mine. 🙂


  10. Rebecca says:

    What a lovely site you have! I always enjoy visiting with your posts – they help to remind me to appreciate the hominess of my home and the joy around me. Thank you so much and stay warm and cozy tonight and always 🙂


  11. Just reading this post makes me feel all warm and cozy. It sounds like you might enjoy the storm! I always have a stash of library books on hand as well. My worst fear is a fear of being bored. . . good books are the remedy. 🙂


  12. Ooh, if I could hop across the lane for a cup of tea, I’d be there. We had those terrible winds yesterday here. They always make me homesick for the prairie. Today we just have the cold. Hope you stay warm and keep your power but it looks like you are well-fortified for whatever comes your way.


  13. DonnaTN says:

    We are having a snow day in Memphis, which would make you hardy folks on PEI laugh yourselves silly! I’m home baking bread, so I’ll bring the fresh bread if you’ll make the ginger, peach, apricot tea! Hope you don’t lose power or if you do not for very long!


  14. Sounds absolutely delightful. We are supposed to get snow and sleet tonight, possibly 4-7 inches, which is a lot for us. I’m very much looking forward to drinking tea, reading, knitting, and working on a quilt tomorrow and not going anywhere! I hope you enjoy being hunkered down in the warmth of home.Gorgeous sunset!Love,Beth


  15. Sounds like you are prepared nicely. Love the candle shot. So peaceful. That tea looks real good. I really love putting together puzzles. I guess that’s why my dad doesn’t have alzheimers because this has been his favorite past time for years!! When the big storm is predicted it’s always interesting to see if they really got it right. Hope you stay cozy and warm…


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