of resolutions and such

Ok – it’s February 1st

and finally time to talk about resolutions.


I don’t usually talk about them in January.

That’s when I like to think about them.

Try them out.

See if they’ll stick.

See if I am really resolved.

This year, among other things, I wanted to add more music to my days.

I love to sing and make music with others.

I’m on our worship team at church.

I play piano.

I’m a fledgling harp player.

I play guitar but it sits in the case too much.

And I have a violin – I won’t say I play it – yet šŸ™‚

How do I fit them all in a day?

Well I don’t, but I’m working on it.

Because I love music. It gives me deep joy.

On my 50th birthday, my harp playing friend gave me a card that read:

It’s never too late to be the harper you like to be.

That line made me think – what kind of harper would I really like to be?

I knew the answer.

One who plays every day.

Not just the harp – but I play it first since I’m learning and learning takes practice.

But also piano, my dusty guitar,

and maybe even that violin – even though when I practice, my music-loving boys threaten offer to build a sound proof practice room for me. šŸ™‚

So . . .

My 2010 resolution?

I’m playing music ~ every. single. day.

This is my year of music.

There! I’ve said it. It’s out in the open and it feels good.

No over the top goals.

Just music – everyday.

I found some wonderful inspiration online. Mark Pentleton, a beautiful piano player, is also adding more music to his life in 2010.

And he’s sharing it with us  – a song a day.

Click on the 365 Song button to find out more.

How about you? Have you made a resolution that brings you joy?

Tell me about it in the comments.

Happy Monday!

with love,


11 thoughts on “of resolutions and such

  1. I still haven’t got the good out of last year’s resolutions, so mine are still Exercise, Write, Garden. (I had that written on a dry erase thingy and my son added "my" and "to" so it read Exercise my Write to Garden"). Made me smile. I’d love to come hear you play music every day. I love to play my snare drum. It is probably more "a joyful noise" than actual music. But I enjoy it so much.


  2. now THAT is bizarre – I am behind with blogs cos of a heavy cold. Our bible reading this morning was about Elisha in 2 kings 3, calling for a harpist. My husband said ‘and where would THIS pastor find a harpist if he needed one?’ The answer is obviously PEI !!!Blessings xx


  3. I love music…as you have probably discovered, I love to come to your sight and check out your play list…I love a little bit of everything.I play the piano and love listening to artists who play the piano…I will check into your new composer and check that out.Keep enjoying music every day. That’s the first thing I turn on in the morning…


  4. What a wonderful resolution!A resolution I made this year was just to try to accept things for what they are. Doesn’t sound as much fun as playing music. šŸ™‚ But it has given me peace of mind.


  5. Kathie I think that is a wonderful resolution and one that will bring you joy. My brother plays or played the harp. Since his MS has worsened I think he has given it up…but what a beautiful instrument.I have taken up more piano too . .but only Sunday School Songs. I play best by ear and if I can remember how they go . .I play them and now every time the grands are over we go through our repritore which is still rather short. I do love playing My God is so Big he’s so strong and so mighty with a strong and firm stacatto accent and this has rapidly become their favorite . .I confess I really never did enjoy playing by notes. ..and even though I took piano until grade 8 I think my teacher just humored me.


  6. Hi Kathie! It looks like we are of like-mind this year! I also took January to try some things out.And guess what? Music is also on my list! But not the French horn, I’m not so sad to say. I’m going back to my trumpet. For now, I’m working on twice a week of practice time.I love that you play the harp.XO


  7. Music everyday sounds like a fabulous resolution. My nephew’s girlfriend is learning to play the harp and just rented one to use to practice. I honestly didn’t make any resolutions yet that are sticking in my brain. Enjoy your music….


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