Friday’s Fave Five ~ Coffee Table Book Edition

Hi and welcome to Friday’s Fave Five ~ the coffee table book edition. 


   “An Island Midwinter”                                                              

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Sarah’s suggestion for the caption on page 2 was “pigs in a blanket”.

But, somehow, I didn’t think it quite fit in with the theme 🙂

I hope you enjoyed leafing through An Island Midwinter coffee table book.

For more Friday Faves, join Suzanne and the Fivers at Living To Tell The Story.

Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy weekend!

with love,



25 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five ~ Coffee Table Book Edition

  1. I enjoyed looking at those photos…they were peaceful looking. I’m imagining that right now you are in a blizzard as forcast on our local news station..Stay warm and hide under those drifts.


  2. hmm…i just read a little bit in a book about how we need to still. i will run and get the quote:)"we are in such a hurry, always doing, that we are in danger of not allowing God the opportunity to work….this is our problem regarding the Chirsitan life: WE want to do something to be Christians, instead of allowing Him to work in us." oh that we would respond to His invitation…the Maker of the beauty and stillness in these photos…to sit and still. i think we often overlook why we are so drawn to places like this. thank you for the reminder, kathie!!!


  3. I love all of these photos! Can I ask how you got this coffe table book affect? I’ve got photoshop elements if that is the trick. I’ve just never seen it! Thanks for sharing these beautiful sights!


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