into the wardrobe

It’s a snowday on Prince Edward Island.

Unlike the eastern US, the Island hasn’t had many storms this winter.

Today is only the second time this winter that school has been cancelled. And it’s not much of a storm. Although there is a bit of shovelling going on.

Even though we haven’t had storms, we have had snow – little flurries almost every day.

When the sun shines, the effect is magical.

Heading outside is like stepping into Narnia.

(click to enlarge)A sparkling landscape awaits

Wait a minute . . .

I see something moving behind those trees.

Mr Tumnus??

Oh, it’s Sophie 🙂

She loves the snow.

Now . . .

If only we could figure out a way to send some of this winter bounty out west to the Olympics!

Happy Wednesday!

with love,


8 thoughts on “into the wardrobe

  1. YOur pictures are always so beautiful kathie . .. you are truly gifted with artistry and you clearly see in your mind what would be a perfect shot.I so would have loved to "know" someone at the Atlantic house .. .how fun would have that been?


  2. Same here, Kathie. We haven’t had much snow in ages. And there has been sunshine almost every day this month. That said, we may be deluged in March and April. :<) Your pictures are really beautiful.


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Cedar, that shot isn’t a Christmas tree farm – just spruce trees at the back of our property. They’re always so pretty with snow on the branches.Ellen – they are having a time of it!


  4. Is that a Christmas tree farm? The trees are so beautiful.The picture of the ice crystals is wonderful.The Olympic venues could use more snow for sure! It is astounding the lengths they are having to go to in order to keep the little snow they’ve had to bring in.


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