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We’re listing five favourites of the week- reasons to celebrate – little and big – whatever made us smile and brought a little joy.

1. I was absent from fff last week because of our little kitty, Ruby. She and I went to visit my niece, a vet at the Atlantic Vet College. She had a bad reaction to some worm medicine. But all turned out well.

Can you believe she is almost 6 months old?? Here she is with her older brother Rollie, lounging in front of the fire – he’s 4 months older and probably 4 times bigger. Check out the difference in the paw size.

Her diminutive stature was a great puzzlement to the 3 vet students, 2 vets and 1 vet nurse who examined her. But they concluded that she’s perfectly healthy ~ just small. Watching her appetite and energy return this week has been a favourite!

2. Making bread on a sunny, winter afternoon.

Letting my girl have the fun part 🙂

Mmm mm ~ homemade bread slathered with butter and molasses – a Maritime favourite

 3. Playing with this  photo editing software – a free program and that’s always reason to celebrate!

Many of you asked how I made the coffee table book images. It’s one of the many frame options in this program. It’s great fun!

4. We had a birthday this week – my beloved celebrated 56 years!

Sarah baked the birthday cake this year and it was delicious! Chicken, bacon wraps with cranberry mayo, salad and a fruit tray were on the menu as well. Our middle boy, John, was home from Toronto for a short visit and was able to join in the celebration.

5. Olympic celebrations! Not only watching and cheering for the home team – but getting ready for the games as well. My boys’ band,  Paper Lions, have a showcase at the Winter Olympics this weekend.

Practicing in the family room – just like old times.

My boys –  Robbie in the back, John in front and their friends Colin and Dave. If you’re in Vancouver, catch them at the Atlantic Canada House this Saturday night.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my week.

For more Friday celebrations, join the whole gang at Suzanne’s Living To Tell The Story.

Happy weekend!

with love,

23 thoughts on “Friday Faves ~ celebrations!

  1. Josie Ray says:

    Love your kitty and bread pics! And the rest, of course. I recently "discovered" Dundee orange marmalade, and that’s all that goes on top of my buttered, freshly baked bread this winter. 🙂


  2. mary smith says:

    Go Canada!! And I am amazed by your bread dough!


  3. lovella says:

    It is so tempting to try to get into Atlantic house to give your boys a hug for their mother. . .how surprised would they be?I am tempted to try out your photo program ..thanks for giving us your hint.


  4. Kim says:

    Hello, Just found your blog. Lovely site with fantastic pictures. I look forward to reading much more!(I tried to leave my blog address but your site wouldn’t let me. If you’re interested it’s http://www.peihome.wordpress.com)


  5. Willow says:

    Wow~ congrats to your boy! That’s exciting for him to be playing in BC. Happy Birthday to your hubby, too~Have a great weekend~!


  6. nikkipolani says:

    Wow, when you make bread, you aren’t making some little demi loaf are you?! Happy birthday to your beloved!


  7. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!! For those of you were wondering, we got 8 double loaves from that batch. It was delicious!


  8. Sweet Bay says:

    I’m glad Ruby is OK. She is a tiny little thing!You’re killing me with the bread. 🙂 It looks wonderful. I could live on bread (and coffee) alone.Happy birthday to your husband!I love the picture of the band. They look great.


  9. Brenda says:

    Your cat is very adorable!That is one big batch of bread you were making! I love hot, homemade bread, but am laying off for a little while.I think we are all enjoying the Olympics


  10. marg says:

    That bread looks so goooood….There’s nothing like home served bread.I’m going into Van on Saturday all day, except I will be a hockey game during that time…I will see if I can check out the Atlantic house during the day time.Congratulations on your Paper Lions.


  11. Your week sounds like it was stellar. That bread is so awesome looking. And I certainly wish we were in Vancouver. We’d check out the Paper Lions for sure, if we were there. I think my son and family are the only ones who were LEAVING Vancouver just as everyone else was coming into town. Thanks for sharing your week.


  12. Awwww, look at the teeny weeny kitty! She is the cutest thing I ever saw. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a cat that remained kittenish. Thank you for sharing that photo editing program. I’m going to check it out. I love taking pictures but my camera is not the greatest and everything turns out looking so bland. I love the coffeetable book design!The band photo is great….very classy. My husband played in a band back in the day. Way back. LOL I remember the basement practice sessions as well. Fun times.


  13. Jill says:

    Your Ruby is adorable. I’m glad she is better. Our kitty, Lucy Brown, is also small. She’s 15 now and still very youthful.We love fresh baked bread, too…but I *cheat* and use the bread machine :)I am truly enjoying the Olympics this year–and I feel very close to my Canadian friends when I watch the events. XO


  14. faith says:

    Happy Birthday to your hubby.That bread looks absolutely delicious and that is fantastic about your boys and the band!!Have a blessed weekend


  15. Your kitty is adorable (and I’m not even a cat person). Glad she’s well again. Homemade bread—such a treat. Wish I could share a piece with you.


  16. Lorna says:

    What a good looking group of boys :>) … Have fun in Vancouver. Love to all!


  17. Jerri says:

    I’m curious, too, how many loaves of bread did you get out of that bowl of dough?The birthday menu sounds delish!Love the band photo!


  18. Happy birthday to your husband!And now I shall go off and try not to think about eating bread………


  19. Susanne says:

    How awesome that your sons’ band is playing at the Olympics. What an experience they’ll have!Ruby is soooo sweet. So glad she is fine and getting back to normal.Happy birthday to your hubby! His cake looks yummy. And homemade bread. Yummmy. I have never ever heard of molasses on it. I’ll have to try that. Mind you I’ve never made homemade bread. Does the half baked stuff count? I can do that! :v)


  20. ellen b says:

    Whoa! That’s a great load of dough! Punching is the fun part :0)Happy Birthday to your guy. The cake looks delish.What a great band photo. Glad little kitty is OK. What a sweetie…have a wonderful weekend Kathie!


  21. melli says:

    Ohhhhhh your little Ruby is soooooo little! Six months??? Really? WOW! She’s a beauty! So is brother Rollie! But what a difference! When I see a little one like that, I think gee I’d like another baby… but NOPE! I’m not going to do it! They ARE sweeeeet though!THAT is one GINORMOUS pan of bread dough! WOW! How many loaves did you get out of that? I need to make some bread. I haven’t made homemade bread in SO long! Oh, I can’t do it in winter though … I have NO place in my house warm enough to let it RISE! Isn’t that awful? It’s true! This house is as drafty as they get! Those pictures really bring back memories though… I really DO want to do that!I have Paint Shop Pro — but it looks like those free programs have really come a LONG way! Good for you!Congratulations to your BOYS! That is awesome! I hope they have a GREAT time and all goes well!Have a great week!


  22. Kim says:

    Hello, Just found your blog. Lovely site with fantastic pictures. I look forward to reading much more!(I tried to leave my blog address but your site wouldn’t let me. If you’re interested it’s http://www.peihome.wordpress.com)


  23. Willow says:

    Wow~ congrats to your boy! That’s exciting for him to be playing in BC. Happy Birthday to your hubby, too~Have a great weekend~!


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