Gold and silver medals for the Canadian women’s bobsled team!!

In fact 4 medals for Canadian women yesterday – reporters were calling it Wonderful Wednesday!

There’s a collective cheer going up around the nation.

It’s especially loud here on PEI.

Why, you may wonder?

Heather Moyse – winner of the gold in the bobsled race –  is an Islander – born and bred!

Woo hoo!!!

Heather’s teammate hails from Alberta – so Suzanne is sharing the glory.

I’m off to town today and I think I’ll see smiles on every face.

We Islanders are a “clannish” bunch


Heather Moyse is one of our own!

Happy Thursday everyone!

with love,


12 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. I’ve been catching up and enjoying your posts. Congrats on the Canadian medals. I really wanted to see the hockey match between Canada and the U.S., but they didn’t show it on "regular" tv.


  2. Go Island Girls!!!!I know how you feel; almost all the skiing USA athletes live in our neck of the woods, training 15 minutes over the hill from us in Park City. SLC is practically a ghost town with everyone gone to Vancouver!One private college in town had something like 48 athletes at the Olympics. Makes me wonder if SLC shouldn’t just go ahead and host again since we already have all the venues at the ready.


  3. You bet I’m cheering. It was so exciting and fun to see them win gold and silver, and then watching the local Whistler girl win gold in the ski cross and the women’s skating relay take silver. The Canadian women are stealing the show this year for me. Good for them. Congrats to you clannish islanders! :v)


  4. Way to go….That was so wonderful, for you to experience your own town girl, just as we had Ashleigh McIvor represent Whistler’s home town girl on Tuesday…. I heard it better yet,,,Wednesday’s Wonderful Women….Go Canada Go.Tonight the Canadian girls play for the Gold in the hockey game against USA!!!


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