Fridays ~ sweet!

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Every Friday, we look over the highlights of our week, the small things that made us smile and the bigger things that made us jump up and down, cheer and hoot, and even look a little foolish (YAY Canada!!)

This event is hosted by the very sweet Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story.


1. Talk about sweet! Elizabeth Bird, of the New York Public Library and A Fuse #8 Production, has tabulated a poll of the top 100 fictional chapter books for mid-grade readers. I wish that I had known about it earlier so that I could have entered my favourite ten.

Here are some of my favourites that have made the list so far:

Although I didn’t take part in the poll, I am thoroughly enjoying the count-down. I love seeing my favourite books listed, author backgrounds, fascinating book tidbits, book covers, lesson plan links and even movie trailers. Readers’ comments are equally interesting.

More of my favourites that made the count-down:

I want to read them all over again!

You can even peruse the stats of the poll – compiled by Erik Carpenter at What We Read and What We Think. I’m not inclined toward math, but statistics about children’s books is probably the way to hook me!

I have to admit I’m following the results of this poll with (dare I say it) more interest than the Olympics 🙂

What books will make it to the finish line?? The top 10 of all the top 10s?

Which book will be number one?

Any guesses? Anne of Green Gables?? Will PEI’s homegirl take the gold on the  literary podium??

I’m cheering for Anne 🙂

2. Snuggling under a cozy quilt with a favourite children’s book is sweet – but these make that experience even sweeter!

Mmm – sugar cookies with a big fat raisin in the middle. So good!

This is the same recipe I use for Christmas and Valentine cookies,  but for “everyday”, I just cut them in circles and add a raisin.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I bake them a little too long

or if they turn out perfect,

they all seem to disappear quickly!

3. I caught a glimpse of this sweet robin through my kitchen window. I tried to take a picture of him from the deck but he was shy and flew off. The window shot turned out all right. Such a cheery robin red-breast!

4. I was driving down a country road the other day and spied this sweet little farm scene.

The rooster was crowing and strutting about obviously trying to impress. The hen (hmm – I’m pretty sure it was a hen!) seemed to be peeking around in shy admiration. And the horse was oblivious to the little love affair happening at his feet!

5. And I just finished watching a super sweet event – GOLD for Canada’s Women’s Hockey team!

And the Americans won silver! A win win!!

Well,  thank you so much for joining me this week. I love your visits, each friendly hello and comment!

Wishing you a week filled with sweet blessings!

with love,

PS – For more Friday Favourites, visit Suzanne and the gang at Living To Tell The Story.


28 thoughts on “Fridays ~ sweet!

  1. I think I have the exact same cover on my Caddie Woodlawn book! What fun to see those book covers and remember reading those novels!I agree that the farmhorse and chickens photo could be framed or made in to a card! Beautiful!


  2. I love reading book lists, especially when I recognize so many old favorites. Your winter scenes are beautiful! And those cookies smell delicious:) Such a lovely blog, Kathie. I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back for more.


  3. Carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, It was a good week wasn’t it ??? Canada is doing so well. I love the farm scene and the robin in the snow covered branch too. I haven’t seen the primulas yet. I find Walmart in Summerside has the nicest plants but I haven’t been there for awhile. i will let you know if I see any at a good price.Are you like me and think we are going to have an early spring?Enjoy your weekend,Carolyn


  4. Candy says:

    Thanks so much for such a delightful post! I enjoyed checking off my favorites as well as noting future reads. I’m holding out for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Anne with an E beat out Lucy, Peter and the others. I so love dropping by for a visit to your site. Your photos frequently transport me from my southern California city to your beautiful PEI.


  5. The baked-too-long type is what I love about baked goodies 🙂 What a charming farm scene you got. The bird is quite lovely too. Oh, I just love Anne of Green Gables. One day I will visit PEI woot! You got wonderful faves; yum too!


  6. You’re cracking me up. You could do the play by play for the book countdown! I’m going to check out the links.Now I am craving cookies. My kids never get the rolled out kind though, because those kind stress mama out in the making of them. LOL. It was a great gold medal game, that’s for sure. And even though the American team looked so disappointed I say congrats to them too. They fought hard.


  7. Ohhhhhhh I LOVED The Borrowers when I was young! That was an absolute favorite! She defines middle grade as younger than I would have thought though — so I think my all time favorite for this age would still be Winnie The Pooh! I think Anne of GG is more for the middle school/young high school age… no?I just came from Sandy’s at Jesus and Dark Chocolate where she assaulted me with homemade doughnuts — and now you are tempting me with home baked cookies. I might have to stay away from FFF for the duration of my diet!!! LOL! You’re all wicked! 🙂 And I mean that in the NICEST way!The olympics have been great fun this year, haven’t they? These young athletes are SO inspiring! All of them!


  8. So many lovely, happy things! I love children’s books and still read them regularly. I am reading a book called "Traveling Shoes," by Noel Streatfield (I think that name is correct). Apparently he did a whole series of "shoes" books. I’m really enjoying this one. Love the pic of the farm scene, looks like a picture postcard. Yay, cookies and hockey and Olympics!


  9. We’re buried under too much snow to see any robins yet–but I’m looking eagerly. March is next week!I enjoyed watching the Canadian Hockey team (and audience!) sing O Canada. And that is a ‘sweet’ farm scene!Happy Weekend, Kathie. XO


  10. What an awesome post! Liked the book info (I hadn’t heard about that.) I’ve also never thought to add a raisin to sugar cookies. That does sound rather appealing. When I look at those cookies, it makes me think of Queen Anne’s lace!


  11. How fun to see those old book covers again :-)I love raisins and will give your sugar cookie twist a try.Your farm scene looks like something out of a calendar — well captured! Have a great weekend, Kathie.


  12. I read a lot as a child and haven’t even heard of some of these books! 🙂 Of course I read the Anne books, and the Little House books, and Wind in the Willows.The cookies look yummy! Beautiful captures of the birds and the farm scene… I wonder what career the horse had, with that prominent hunter’s bump.Congrats to the Canadian women’s hockey team, and the US team as well!


  13. Hi KathieI haven’t been by to visit for awhile. I like the new look on your blog. As a fellow Canadiam now living in the US I was cheering the girls hockey team onto victory and so glad to see them get the gold!


  14. Those books were faves of my kids back in the day. My grands are reading them now.The sugar cookie with the raisin is a tradition at our house. Grandma Emma’s faves. Since we live in Grandma Emma’s house…it is fitting to carry on her tradition.Sorry that your hockey team has had some unfortunate press after their exciting win. We have enjoyed watching the amazing athletes! I will miss it when it’s over.Happy weekend!


  15. Lorna says:

    I love the picture of the robin, Kathie. It reminds me that spring WILL COME!!! We have had yet another snowfall (such an unusual winter for us) and another day off from school. I’m enjoying it but now these days have to be made up. The cookies look so yummy … enjoy … have a wonderful weekend and lots of love to all. (Katie is home for a couple of days … so this will be fun to have her here during the snow.)


  16. OK…you’ve got to frame that farm scene! What a fabulous photo. Can you tell I like it :0)The bird is very sweet, too.Congrats all you Canadians on that Hockey win yesterday!!I’m going to check out your links on fictional chapter books, etc. since I’m on a quest to re-read or read for the first time books I missed in my youth…


  17. How great to discover the book list! I’ll bookmark it for myself and my daughter. Oh, I loved reading The Borrowers. Good memories. Glad to see your sugar cookie recipe, too. I need a new one. The farm scene is so beautiful. Great photography!


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