you have a sore hip

(bursitis and a cortisone shot – I’m told it does not have to do with getting old but I’m not convinced 🙂

and you can’t sleep

it’s nice to have friends to visit

mm mmm –  wonder if the family would like that for breakfast?





10 thoughts on “when

  1. Hi Kathie! Sorry you’re having some health problems…I keep telling everyone I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel …too much computer time maybe? I hope you’re able to get some sleep and relief. Maybe that shot will do the trick!


  2. Sorry you couldn’t sleep. I also love your new header pictures! I like the song on your player, too. I can’t tell what the name of it is, but it’s so soothing with the piano and clarinet music …


  3. OH Bursistis is not a friend you want to visit you in the early part of spring. I love your new template and header pictures. ..fresh as daisies.OH. .and aren’t you sweet to post us?


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