12 thoughts on “birthday blooms

  1. Anneliese says:

    I didn’t read all 106 things … but I like you! What a big world it is… and yet so small!Happy Birthday and God’s blessings for the coming year.


  2. Happy Birthday Kathy…Once again we turn a new leaf. May God give you peace and health.Off to Kona? We flew over…met Judy and had supper and brought back green beans..What a wonderful choice to know where your daughter is going.I don’t really blame her for choosing Hawaii.


  3. I’m hoping you had a wonderful birthday celebration…and a good send-off for your daughter. I’m sure she will have an amazing experience in Hawaii. The friends we were in Hawaii with…have served with YWAM in Kona in the past…and so we have visited the campus with them. So I know where she is heading!


  4. Happy Birthday, Kathie!!! I didn’t make it over here yesterday, but I hope your celebration was extra special! And wow, your daughter is really getting a chance to travel…don’t you wish you could go to Hawaii with her?!


  5. Birthday Blessings for both you and James!God’s protective mercy go with Sarah as she ventures off to fulfill a vision!Hugs for Mama who will miss her so much!Joanne


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