Normally, these tiny, fragrant woodland flowers bloom in  May but this year I heard rumours they were making an early appearance ~ Mayflowers in April!


Mayflowers ~ also known as trailing arbutus, ground laurel or Epigaea repens.



Every Mother’s Day, my brother and I trekked to the woods to pick mayflowers for our mom. I can still remember her holding the tiny bouquet to her face and inhaling that sweet perfume – then looking at us with such a happy smile. We were so proud of ourselves for finding that perfect Mother’s Day gift 🙂



My mom had a tiny cut glass vase to hold our love offering ~ I don’t know where that vase disappeared. But her petit point china creamer works perfectly to hold this wee posy.


Sweet fragrance and sweet memories!


13 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. Anneliese says:

    Love the image your portrayed of your mom putting the little bouquet of mayflowers to her nose and smiling. What would we do without memories?


  2. I’m another who has always read about Mayflowers and Trailing Arbutus in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books. What shocked me, though, was that once they were described as the very first flowers of the season…and *May* flowers…no flowers until May?!? But I see yours squeaked in under the line and bloomed in April.Thank you for sharing this local color. It’s a pleasure to see.


  3. Trailing Arbutrus is very rare here; I was lucky enough to see (and smell it!) at a horse show that was held at a longleaf pine reserve about an hour and a half from where I live. The horse show had crosscountry jumping that followed trails through the woods, so the habitat for the arbutus was undisturbed. I was thrilled to see it, it’s an amazing wildflower!


  4. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I didn’t realize the mayflowers are already blooming-I will have to check it out as I love their fragrance. I loved your pics taken from your kayak-they are beautiful! Carolyn


  5. I don’t think we have Mayflowers here . .and I wonder why ..I’ll have to check.The little creamer arrangement is perfect and what mom wouldn’t cherish a tiny perfect bouquet like that? So so much better than a bought arrangement.


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