9 thoughts on “A first

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Yikes Marg! A live duck egg? or a raw duck egg? :)Ellen and Tracie – It was good – no different than a fresh hen’s egg that I could taste. the yoke was even the same colour.Jill I’ve never tried it on pizza but I’ve heard about putting it on pasta – with a soft yoke – it sort of acts like a sauce. I haven’t tried it yet though.


  2. I’d love to try a duck egg. We used to live in a neighborhood near a small pond and ducks routinely would deposit eggs in planter boxes and under garden hedges…a dozen at a whack. Our paper carried a recipe for a pizza that included breaking an egg over the toppings at the end, and then was baked just long enough for the white to solidify. Apparently the runny yolk was fabulous. Got me thinking…how about you?


  3. Duck eggs… sounds like something out of a book… what do they taste like? I like your kayaking posts and pictures. I used to love canoeing. Nowadays I’d probably get sea sick. I’m such a wimp compared to my younger self.


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