along the way

I was heading out to town for errands last week. It was a cloudy day, spitting rain, and I debated whether I should take my camera.

But you know the rule – “Always take your camera”. It never fails that if I forget, I see something I want to shoot.

So, I popped it in my bag along with my shopping list, gathered up my library books, grabbed my umbrella off the coat-rack, and headed out.

And look what happened along the way 🙂

Hooray for blue sky!

 It was a breezy day and the wind whipped the clouds across the sky.

I could see bright  bands of sunlight racing over the fields.

Photo op! Time to pull over.

I parked the car along the side of the road, opened the door and stood up on the running board with elbows and camera braced against the roof and began to click.


Light Play (click to enlarge)The sun is out again today –  between the clouds. It seems to be a pattern.

It’s all good – more light play!

I’m off to town – camera in tow.

Happy Tuesday!

with love,


14 thoughts on “along the way

  1. Good Morning Kathie,Thank you for visiting us on our Millionth Visitor Day yesterday. . .Guess what? You are the winner of the crocheted pot holder.. ..please send me your address so we can pop it in the mail.


  2. I just pulled over on the side of the road yesterday to take photos. I wondered as people drove by if they thought I was crazy … Glad to see I am not the only one that does this!God made such a beautiful world …thanks for sharing your corner of it!


  3. I took a similar photo today so we must all be enjoying the same spectacular blue sky/white fluffy clouds…just beautiful photos Kathie!Love them all!Joanne


  4. Lovely sky. Great wagon! And great photo of lupines as your footer. I just discovered the children’s book Miss Rumphius a week or so ago, and if you love lupines, you should read it!


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