hello baby

I was driving along the road the other day when I saw this little guy. Of course, I had to pull over.

I mean . . .

Who can resist such baby sweetness?


It gets me every time – foals, kittens, puppies, fox kits, calves, lambs, piglets – yes even baby pigs.

And don’t get me started on baby babies.

Oh dear! It doesn’t matter where I am – church, the mall, grocery store line-ups.

I test the waters to see how shy they are and make sure they won’t burst out in tears if I pay attention to them.

Then, if I get the tiniest bit of encouragement, I’m off.

 I wave, I play peek a boo, I coo, I talk funny in a high voice, I make faces.

I go to great lengths to get any response: a sideways glance, a stare, a glimmer of a smile. If I get a baby chuckle, my day is made! I don’t care who is watching me, baby and I are in our own little world :).

Babies!  I’m hooked on them.

Dear blog readers, you’re forewarned. Watch out when I get grandchildren 🙂


15 thoughts on “hello baby

  1. Hmmm…wonder if $500 would do it with my kids. OF course my married son was the one that we offered $7.28 to to buy his blankie from him when he was just barely three, with the provision that he could always buy it back if he wanted to. We showed him a five, two ones, two dimes, a nickle and three pennies to make it look like a lot of money.He looked at the money, sucked thoughtfully on his fingers for a moment, then said looked us in the eys and said "Make it a hundred".We did not know that he even knew what a hundred was at that age. I tremble to think of what number he might demand if we offered him $500 for a grandkid!


  2. You have me guessing about you….and that’s probably just what you wanted.Anyways…I like your kind of babies…stopping by and taking photos…they don’t talk back to you,but on the other hand my little babies…talk in real words…Baby’s will always be welcome at your place!


  3. LOL Jill – well my kids can take it as a hint – although Roger and I aren’t subtle about our wish for grandchildren. I think the latest offer was $5000 for the first one 🙂 I think they knew he was just joking. There’s none on the way yet. That we know of. Is there kids?? Do they even read my blog??? 🙂


  4. Oh, I can SOOOO relate – as you know from all the Clara posts! I just wish my little one was closer. NY is way to far away for this Gramma. But hooray,we get to see them this weekend when we got to our son’s wedding in Michigan. My boys were teasing me just the other day because I said, "Oh, in a week we get to see Clara!" not "Oh, in a week we get to see Jonathan (our son, who’s getting married!!!!) Ooops. Love the little foal. They are so beautiful, aren’t they!


  5. LOL…you WON’T BELIEVE the grandbaby experience!!! There are simply no words to describe it!!! I can only imagine the pictures you’ll be posting :-)Have a blessed dayNiki


  6. Babies are everywhere these days in the fields and farms. I stopped to take pics of some foals the other day near Montague – after two shots my batteries died! It never fails …When you have grandchildren, you’ll have to start a separate blog just for them! 🙂


  7. BevK says:

    Your post reminds me of how we passed a field with brand new foals and their mamas on our trip to Alberta. I made my hubby back up the truck and trailer- which he willingly did – just to get some pictures of the little ones. They were so new to the world they were still very wobbly. I think God made babies so winsome so we would love and protect them.


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