FFF ~ pretty in pink!


Hi there!  It’s Friday and time to think about our favourites. It’s the season of blossoming and blooming on Prince Edward Island. After a long winter of white, our eyes can’t get enough of all the vibrant colours of springtime.

And there’s none prettier than pink ~ so it’s the star of the FFF show this week!

1. I”ll start with our flowering crabapple tree ~ a mother’s day gift from years ago.
So gorgeous in bloom!


2. Delicate bleeding heart

3. Captured this shot of a little chickadee in pink crabapple blossoms.

4. One of the last of the pink tulips.


 5. The lady slippers are early this year. They don’t usually bloom until the second week of June.

Don’t they look like little pink ballet pointe shoes?


 and now, for one more favourite . . . drum roll please!

I received this hand crocheted pink blossom potholder in the mail ~ a special delivery from the culinary legends at Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

If you haven’t visited that site yet, you’re missing a treat!

Thanks girls!! I love it!

Thanks so much for dropping in!

Hope you enjoyed my pretty in pink version of Friday Fave.

For more FFF Fun visit Suzanne and the gang at Living to Tell the Story.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

with love,


22 thoughts on “FFF ~ pretty in pink!

  1. I just loved your pink theme this week. The crab apple tree is gorgeous and the chickadee in front of it is precious.I really love them ALL. Thanks for sharing the spring sights of PEI!Jody


  2. Pink is the happiest spring color! That bird knew just how to perch on the tree branch to look her very best in pink~ each flower is exquisite–what an amazing Creator!


  3. Kathy, I love all your pictures and am just drinking them in seeing as all my flowers are covered under buckets so the snow and cold doesn’t kill them! Sheesh. Who would think I’d be writing that at the end of May.I’ve always loved the bleeding heart bushes since I was little. I tried to plant one last year but it didn’t survive. Maybe I’ll try again.


  4. Fantastic Photos and love the colour….pink! Can’t wait for you to do a PEI coffee table book! That could be your claim to fame!Just gorgeous!Thanks for the peek,Joanne


  5. The chickadee is adorable. Pink Lady’s Slippers grow wild in my parents’ dry woodland yard (where little else does well besides shrubs) and am always astonished by their beauty.


  6. Pink is my favorite color, so I am reveling in all these pretty pinks! That crabapple is gorgeous. I had bleeding hearts at one home — I’d love to plant some more.I LOVE that potholder!


  7. What a lovely pink week! Your photos are beautiful. I love that potholder! As a mom of four boys, there’s not much pink around here, so I reveled in yours for a few minutes.Happy weekend!


  8. That potholder is beautiful! What did you do to deserve it?Love all the pictures of flowers, I’m so thankful that God left such beauty here for us to enjoy.


  9. Oh, thanks so much for sharing the lovely pictures of that crabapple tree. We had one by our front door growing up and just seeing your pictures brought back such wonderful memories. The potholder is awesome. It’s almost too lovely to use. Have a great week!


  10. Aw…..that black capped Chickadee is just precious…we love watching them at our feeder….and my teen would just love all the pink flowers you are displaying…LOVE LOVE LOVE lady slippers….so hard to find in our parts……enjoy the weekend!!


  11. Faboulous pictures as always; what camera do you use for your shots?I’m tickled pink to think that it was YOU that won that pink pot holder! Perfect!


  12. Definitely pretty in pink this week! I am coveting a pink flowering crabapple! I shall have to repent …Love the potholder, too.Also, I wanted to say that I love the music you have on this blog! Sometimes, I just open it and minimize it while working to hear the soothing music!


  13. Beautiful! Pink is a color I did not learn to truly appreciate until I started blogging….your pinks are simply gorgeous. What a sweet potholder!


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