To Niki

who was just wondering . . .

if it smells as good as it looks?

I just wish you could bury your face in this and inhale deeply.

Oh. my.

It’s heavenly!

Not only are the curtains open to see it,

the windows are up as well, and the fragrance drifts in on the breeze.

The bees are loving it too!

To top it all off, it’s our bird-feeding tree.

The beauty of blossoms, bright feathered birds, cheery songs and sweet fragrance.

Who could ask for more?

with love,


9 thoughts on “To Niki

  1. Kathie,Your photos are once again stunning. I could just look at them all day:) Unfortunately duty calls me away again.. thank you for letting me enjoy such stunnning beauty and such a lovely respite!Blessings and hugs,Joanne


  2. I hope you used a very large telephoto lens to take the picture of that buzzing fellow! :v)The tree is absolutely gorgeous! What a view. I’d have a hard time tearing myself away from that window.


  3. Indeed! Who could ask for more? I’m glad you are soaking it in. My hummingbird feeder might get put up today if the weather holds since Dear has to do some ladder work to get it in the right spot!


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