of passports

We’ve crossed the border to the States many times in the past and  all we needed was a driver’s license.

Sometimes one quick glance at our PEI license plate was enough.

No longer.

Now we need a passport with picture ID.

It was still an easy crossing. We were the only vehicle in sight as we approached the border near St. Stephen’s, New Brunswick. A quick look at our passports and a couple of questions about our destination and we were waved through with a cheery “Have a good trip!”

But, we needed those passports – no passports – no entry.

So, I’m wondering about this fellow whom I photographed in the mountains of PA.

He’s a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly all right – but is he Canadian or Eastern??

click to enlarge

The Canadian and the Eastern Tiger Swallowtails are almost identical but the black band along the inner wing span is wider on the Canadian.

No passport on this fellow and he wouldn’t hold still for questioning.

What do you think?  Do I need to report him or not?



11 thoughts on “of passports

  1. CUTE! and I love your photos. They are just gorgeous!! we got passports for my children last spring 2009 because we thought we might be going to PEI and Nova Scotia and was told to leave Bar Harbor Maine, we would need the passports….we ended up just staying in Acadia but those passports sure came in handy for our Paris trip this past April.I STILL want to get to PEI and the bay of fundy…..but….my husband says that will have to wait. sigh..for now I’ll live vicariously through your blog and photos! 🙂


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    Hi NanYou can still take the ferry from May to Dec. at my end of the Island – the eastern side. The Confederation bridge goes between New Brunswick and Borden. I like to take the ferry if we are heading to Nova Scotia. It’s a lot shorter. But the link (as we call the bridge) is very convenient. Our lives aren’t ruled by "ferry time" any longer.


  3. Very witty! I loved this. I’ve heard so many horror stories of crossings now. It makes me very sad. We were just today talking about when we used to take the ferry to PEI. Does it still go or do people only drive now?


  4. Kathie,You are too funny,,,passports indeed! Yes, it has gotten so much stricter at the borders. Fabulous Tiger Swallowtail butterfly! Such a great shot!Thanks for the humour!Joanne


  5. DonnaTN says:

    He is beautiful whether he is legal or not! I have had one of his brothers flitting through my backyard recently, but he won’t slow down long enough to show any ID.


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