summer pretties

a newcomer to the perennial garden.

hollyhock foxglove blooms. (I think! I can never remember what I plant.)

Ah, they’re foxgloves! Kim to the rescue! Thanks!!

Hope they don’t mind a bit of hot summer weather.

The heat wave in the New England states decided to travel up here to PEI. But it very nicely cooled down a smidgeon to 28 C today and 29 C tomorrow – 82 – 85 F.

Sunshiny bright skies – and hot – for us Northerners anyway 🙂

Definitely a beach day!

I love summer 🙂


10 thoughts on “summer pretties

  1. anneliese says:

    I just planted one like that for the first time this year too. I wish it would bloom all summer… my guess is it doesn’t.


  2. Here in the albany Ny area we are having a heat wave too! yesterday it was 97!!! but i don’t mind….i’ll take this over our jan and feb weather any day! 🙂 enjoy those flowers!!


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