7 thoughts on “PEI buzz

  1. Kathie,I am so glad you mentioned this! Although we are not morning television viewers, my girls and I have enjoyed two days of R&K as well as Canada AM, just to get glimpses of your beautiful Island!The really cool thing is that we had the awesome and unforgettable privilege of visiting your fair Island so when they were touring the Island, we kept saying:We’ve been there/seen that:Carr’s Seafood Restaurant, New Glasgow Lobster suppers,Cavendish(beaches and Cows ice cream, Avonlea Village), Charlottetown (birhtplace of Canada), New London Bay, Clifton (New London) where L.M. Montgomery was born, Anne of Green Gables Homestead, took a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Orchard and around the Lake of Shining Waters…R&K refer to Prince Edward Island as a hidden gem of a place, comparable to the Hamptons although more pristine with the rolling hills and more rugged with the forests.Kelly has fallen in love with your gentle island and plans to return.She said that you all made her feel at home immediately!If it was exposure your mayor wanted, he is getting it as everyone is so impressed.It sure makes me want to visit again….Thanks for sharing a piece of your gentle island with us Kathie….PEI should do you all proud!Hugs,Joanne, who hopes to watch all week if only just for a glimpse of your Fair Isle , which was also compared to Ireland because of the vibrant emerald green colours and the landscape!


  2. I heard they were coming up your way…sure to get everyone buzzing!and man that’s hot…we had it here a few days ago…hope you have a/c or a pool…or a beach nearby??? LOL anyway, have a wonderful day.


  3. Well I finally got Dear on board and he is now saying "we need to go visit PEI.One of our channels here has been showing Anne on T.V. and he managed to sit through most of it for the first time ever. :0)YOU ARE Hot! I don’t think the people of Avonlea would be too excited to get too many mainlanders coming to visit though. :0)


  4. Lovella says:

    I saw yesterday on the news that they were visiting your fair province. I’ll slot it in . ..Did you make a big Sign like I did for the Today show? Surely not. But .. I’ll look anyways.


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